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PETA and President Obama

19 June 2009

After President Barack Obama killed a fly during a TV interview, some media outlets contacted PETA to get their reaction. It wasn’t like somebody at PETA’s offices saw Obama kill the fly and said “OMFG!!!!”. No, several media companies actually thought that there was a story there and contacted PETA.

You can read PETA’s side of the issue here and here.

I immediately smelled a rat when I read those blogposts from PETA. It’s almost as if somebody – or a group of somebodies – is looking for anything and everything that they can use against Barack Obama and the fly-killing was just convenient. I’m guessing that if they can get PETA and other animal rights groups pissed-off enough at Obama, then they can look forward to Obama facing some kind of backlash from animal rights advocates.

But, seriously, who the fuck is going to march a picket line in support of flies’ right to life? Who the flying fuck is going to call Barack Obama “the Fly-Killer in-Chief”?

Honestly, who cares about flies? Not me and I doubt if most people do. I will grant that there are some Buddhists and Jains who do value all life, even that of insects. So, I could see if they might be upset. But, to most people on Planet Earth, flies are an annoying, disease-carrying pest that most of us kill at every opportunity that presents itself.

You could improve the standard of living in much of the Third World by passing-out free bug-zappers. Flies carry numerous diseases and, with more flies being killed, fewer people would get contract the diseases that those things carry.

This whole thing is Much Ado About Nothing. PETA isn’t going to picket the President or stage mass rallies in support of insect rights. It was most likely a bunch of right-wing media types trying to stir-up some shit that didn’t deserve being stirred-up.

However, I would like to piss-off Insect Rights supporters by publicly calling for everyone who reads this to vow to kill, at least, one fly everyday. You may also substitute a cockroach or similar insect. Please do not kill ladybugs, because they eat various insects that pester humans, so ladybugs are our friends.

In lieu of flies or cockroaches or for extra points, you may also slaughter centipedes, milipedes, venomous spiders (not the daddy longlegs) and scorpions. These are not insects, but they can be considered targets of opportunity.