Health Food Scam: Colloidal Silver, Part Two

Alonzo’s note: Rosemary Jacobs posted a reply to the initial blog posting on the subject of colloidal silver. Instead of including it in the comments, I have taken it upon myself to give her message its own blog posting. I have taken the liberty of adding paragraph divisions and a few other modifications. Ms Jacobs is welcome to post to this blog on this topic whenever she wishes.

This blog was brought to my attention and I was asked to comment on it.

I will try to be brief but that will be difficult since I have been researching silver and argyria for decades since I have had argyria for over 50 years. I have had a website warning people about the silver scam for over 10 years. Please look at it and contact me privately if you want references or more info.

While Alonso’s blog is excellent, there are a few errors. Silver was discontinued because it didn’t work and it discolored lots of people. Silver like alcohol, peroxide, clorox, etc. is a disinfectant that kills many pathogens on contact but not inside people who ingest it like an antibiotic does. There are approved topical drugs that contain silver. Without pulling the citation from Ontario, I believe that the authors themselves concluded that the evidence does not actually demonstrate that silver was the cause of the man’s injuries and death. I and most researchers do not think that the large body of evidence available indicates that silver causes other problems besides argyria, gray skin, although it is very possible that it may in some people but not most. No one knows how many people really ingest silver or how much they ingest since the industry is not regulated.

Lab analysis has shown that silver supplements as well as other virtually unregulated “dietary supplements” often carry inaccurate labels. Some silver supplements have no detectable amount of silver. Others have more or less than the label indicates. Neither are the labels correct about the type of silver in them, but that is irrelevant since there is a great deal of evidence indicating that silver and only silver in any form or all by itself is what causes argyria. What is not known is the toxic amount, the amount that will discolor the average person. Silver forms strong chemical bonds with tissue throughout the body including that in the skin. It isn’t the protein that some silver supplements are bound to that does this. It is the silver which many salesmen refer to as “pure silver”. And large particles don’t get “trapped” anywhere.

If salesmen had an understanding of basic chemistry, they’d know that. There are many cases of argyria caused by silver supplements. There are attorneys getting out-of-court settlements on the behalf of those with the courage to admit that they have been conned and hire an attorney to represent them in a timely fashion, before the statutes of limitations expire. But unfortunately, aside from Jones & Karason I only know of one other person who has admitted publicly that she got argyria from a silver supplement. The others are terribly embarrassed. They feel like idiots. As one said to me, “I feel so stupid. I believed the salesman who told me it was nontoxic and that I could take as much as I wanted. I believed him till I turned gray!” Many people who got argyria from supplements took far less than Paul did and many followed the labels on the products they were sold. (This goes for both commercial brands and home brews made from kits.)

There isn’t a shred of evidence that ingesting silver in any form or amount offers any health benefits whatsoever. There is no evidence in the med. lit. and argyric people have the same health problems as other people and we die at the same average age as everyone else. I was told by an ABC producer who interviewed me and Karason that Oprah got Paul to have a physical which showed that he has prostate cancer. I haven’t verified that, but I had breast cancer at the age of 42 in 1984 even though according to many silver promoters cancer is one of the ton of diseases that silver in our bodies is supposed to prevent and cure.



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3 Responses to “Health Food Scam: Colloidal Silver, Part Two”

  1. Tony Isaacs Says:

    Oh baloney, Rosemary. Given your experience, I can understand why you don’t like silver, but you abused silver nitrate nose drops for a lengthy period – that is why you turned gray. Silver nitrate is not at all the same as silver particles in colloidal/ionic silver solutions.

    Contray to what you have posted, there is ample scientific literature which demonstrates that internal silver has medical benefits. For example, the joint study between the University of Texas and Mexico University published in the Journal of Nanotechnology showed that silver nano-particles of sizes 1-10nm attached to HIV-1 prevented the virus from bonding to host cells or the just announced study which found silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects.

    Also, contrary to the hearsay you reported, Paul Karason was given a complete physical at Mount Sinai Hosipital at the request of The Today show after he made an appearance ther and he was given a clean bill of health.

    Literally millions of people all over the world take colloidal/ionic silver. If properly prepared and ingested silver is such a threat for Argryia, then where are all the tribes of Smurffs?

    You post that you developed breast cancer at age 42 – but was that not decades after you stopped taking silver? Surely you don’t think that trapped silver in your skin would protect against breast cancer? After all, by the EPA’s estimates 90 to 98 % of ingested silver particles are eliminated from the body within 24 hours and over 98% within less than a week.

    I hate what happened to you, but must point out that it is extremely rare, came as a result of a mainstream prescribed drug with no resemblence to properly made colloidal/ionic silver, and would be virtually impossible to duplicate with properly made and ingested colloidal/ionic silver today.

    Given the fact that it has been revealed that Merck and other big pharma companies who make billions off their patented antibiotics have funded groups who were behind the effort to get the EPA to regulate or ban silver, I have to ask for the sake of full disclosure:

    Do you receive any funding or other considerations from any drug companies or other entities connected to mainstream medicine?

    Finally, would it surprise you to know that Argyria can be reversed?

  2. AL Atomicus Says:

    Rosemary Jacobs…. yes, pictures from the 1960’s, with no verifiable proof that colloidal silver was the culprit. You have to remember that the Folsums from Kentucky are genetically blue, could it be that Rosemary, along with Paul Karson and the handful two or 3 others that have contracted Argyria are actually Genetically prone to being blue, and silve may not be the culprit behind their misery?

    Silver has been documented in Medicinal books as early as 1914, to be used for viral and bacterial infections. But was shelved when new Patentable Drugs came along like Pennecilin, Ampiciclin and more.

    Silver was completely forgotten about since doctors were no longer promoting it.

    Now we have come full circle, virus and bacteria strains are developing immunity to the popular antibiotics and with no where else to turn, many are turning back to the age old remedy….Silver.

    Just think of it out of hundreds of millions of Colloidal Silver users, only a handful of people have been reported with Argyria?

    If where such a danger, and if it were true that Silver causes Argyria, you would see Blue People every where.

  3. ApparentlySane Says:

    Tony, do not use that study to back up your bullsh*t quack cure. Sure nanoparticles are being examined in drug delivery, and yes they are promising. What you fail to mention is that in a majority of the cases, the metallic nanoparticles are COATED with a “stealthing” agent (like PEG or BSA or PVC) to keep the body from being poisoned or from clearing it immediately upon recognizing it is a foreign substance. In addition, most nanoparticle delivery system are targeted (towards cancer for example) using a conjugated antibody or aptamer on the surface.

    I have read over this article, and the reason that silver in this case is so effective in inhibiting HIV is that it binds to the gp120 glycoprotein. This is the portion that assists HIV in infiltrating healthy cells. The ONLY reason the silver interacts this way with gp120 is the exposed disulfide bonds on the molecule. Electron dense metals like gold and silver undergo a chemical reaction with the sulfur group in the disulfide bond that links them together (this is used quite a bit in the core-shell assembly of metallic-core nanoparticles). With the particle blocking the gp120, no or limited infiltration occurs.

    Stop misrepresenting real scientific work as support for your half-baked pseudoscience. Yes silver was great in this instance, but only when properly synthesized and used, not made by some salesman who is only interested in making a quick dime off of gullible people. When you people can give me some real peer-reviewed research on colloidal silver instead of referring me to some crap silver website or newsgroup or forum then I might believe you. In addition, if you all are so adamant about this “cure”, why don’t you take the appropriate chemistry and nanoengineering courses and then read these papers, actually examine the claims these companies are making, and come to decisions for yourself instead of trusting all these self-serving frauds and indoctrinated loonies who are putting a spin on this kind of work to make their product or use of colloidal silver seem valid.

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