“9/11 Truth” Conspiracies Debunked

I’ll always be amazed at how some people can take an event, seen by hundreds, even thousands, and tell us that what we saw wasn’t what really happened. There’s always some “hidden truth” behind it that only a select few know about.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is one of these. People are out there, speaking in front of audiences, writing books, appearing on braodcast media, etc. and expounding their conspiracy theories about the “truth” behind the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Even worse, these people are making money for themselves and furthering dark agendas of their own, using the 9/11 Truth Movement as a money-making venture in order to finance other projects or simply to make themselves wealthy.

There are always other people out there who do their best to debunk these conspiracy theories, but they don’t get nearly the same sized audience and the 9/11 Truthers.

If you are tired of hearing the shrill whines of the 9/11 Truthers and would like to hear the other side of the issue, I suggest that you pay a visit to the YouTube channel of  RKOwens4 and have a look at his debunking of individual conspiracy theories put out there by the 9/11 Truth Movement.

So far, he has only 1,807 subscribers, but he has fifty-six videos for you to watch, weigh the evidence and make your own conclusions.

Of all the parts of the 9/11 Conspiracies, the events surrounding the attack on the Pentago often come up, especially the theory that it was a missle, and not a commercial jet liner, that struck the Pentagon that day. Numerous videos on the channel debunk these claims, citing evidence that is readily availble to anyone who wishes to see it.

One claim that is debunked in a very powerful video is the one where it is said by 9/11 truthers that the WTC Towers both collapsed at free-fall speeds. In other words, they supposedly fell at the exact same speed as an obejct would have fallen after having been dropped from the top of the towers. The speed at which the towers were to have fallen has been claimed to be nine seconds. SO, if an obeject fell from the same height as either tower, it would have taken nine seconds to reach the ground. This is claimed to be the same speed that both towers collapsed. However, as the video clearly shows, using film footage of the collapses, the North Tower took 22.02 seconds and the South Tower 15.28 seconds. You can see the video below. I must warn you that it is a very difficult video to watch, especially the scene showing firefighters in the lobby of the South Tower.

Many of us feel traumatized by the 9/11 Attacks, which were the worst terrorist attacks to ever occur on US soil. That fact makes it so much more deplorable that people would use such a horrific day to line their own pockets or futher some sort of agenda.

On RKOwens4‘s channel, you will see individual 9/11 conspiracies challenged and exposed one at a time, citing evidence that is readily available to anyone, so you can look at the evidence for yourself, if you care to do so.

Only by exposing the lies of the 9/11 Truth Movement can we take away any kind of credibility that too many people have given them.



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17 Responses to ““9/11 Truth” Conspiracies Debunked”

  1. m0k3d Says:

    All I can say is, you obviously have not done your homework!

    Please tell me, If 9/11 was pulled off by guys in caves, like the government wants us to believe….. then which one of the guys in the cave got NORAD to “stand down”?

    What about the thermite?

    I feel so bad for the people who fall for this “false-flag” government deception….9/11 happened to bring about the “patriot act”….”homeland security”….PERIOD.

    I must say you “de-bunked” 9/11 about as good as Glen Beck “de-bunked” FEMA camps……oh thats right, he DIDNT!

  2. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    Engineers have estimated that a natural total collapse would have required about 1 second per floor, for a absolute minimum time of 90+ seconds for the two 110 story buildings to fall.

    Stretching the time line to 15 & 22 seconds per WTC tower, makes no change to the impossibility of this being a natural collapse.

    WTC 7 is universally understood to have collapsed into it’s own footprint in 6.5 seconds on the same day. It was 47 stories tall. It is the greatest PROOF of MSM involvement in the cover up, because the images of that building falling have never been shown since the live coverage of that day.

    Molten metal was found in the debris of all three towers, weeks after the collapse. This is not possible from any natural cause. This can only be explained by chemicals.

    Scientific PROOF of Nano Thermite in the dust of the towers is irrefutable
    & can not be debunked.

    Info Wars !

  3. spyderblog Says:

    the so-called “evidence” of thermite is based upon the use of thermite by the cleanup crews to remove the remaining pieces of the towers’ structure, as explained in one of the videos. Some of the large metal pieces of the towers’ support structure still had to be removed after the attacks and thermite was used to cut them. It was not used to bring the towers down in the first place.

    As for the molten metal, the fires burned at 1800 degrees, hot enough to melt the aluminum in the plances used in the attacks and THAT is the molten metal seen at the site, aside from all the other aluminum that was used in the towers in the various offices.

    WTC7 did not collapse into its own footprint, the damage was spread out over a large area, causing $1.2 billion in damage to the Verizon Building as well as causing irreperable damage to 30 W Broadway, which is now under deconstruction.

    Also, neither of the Twin Towers fell into their own footprints. Their total footprint was two acres, but they fell over an area of sixteen acres, eithe times their footprint size.

    WTC7 was damaged by the falling debris of the other towers and fires burned in the tower over seven hours, fueled by kerosene in the generators in that building, located in the lower floors.

    Most highrises have a concrete inner core and/or concrete-encased outer columns. The WTC had neither of those, making them structurally much weaker that a similarly-sized building which would have them.

    As I say: Reality doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.

  4. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    The pier reviewed scientific paper that proves that the WTC towers fell by means of “controlled demolition”, used 4 different samples of WTC “dust” from 4 different locations. All the samples were gathered within 48 hours of the first WTC collapse.

    The chemical signature & actual unignited particles of Nano Thermite were collected & micron photographed. The volume & quality of the Nano Thermite collected was consistent to all 4 samples.

    Nano Thermite, or “Super Thermite”, is highly refined. It is a mixed compound of mostly metalic particles that are ground 1,000 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

    It is many times more powerful than any industrial demolition grade Thermite.

    This is the stuff of James Bond legend. Nano Thermite is exclusive to the
    designer explosives side of the military industrial complex.

    It exists, but it is impossible to get in the private sector.


    There were hot spots of glowing & molten metal weeks into the cleanup of the WTC towers, the workers boots were melting !

    Revisit the testimony of the WTC workers & firemen that were there, but
    never called to testify at the 9/11 Commission.

    Google up the “The 9/11 Meteor” & “9/11 molten metal”.

    overblown Says: “WTC7 did not collapse into its own footprint, the damage was spread out over a large area,”

    I say: Google WTC 7 & watch the original news footage of the collapse of this 47 story building into it’s own footprint. Even spyderblog says it happens in 6.5 seconds.

    spyderblog Says: “WTC7 was damaged by the falling debris of the other towers and fires burned in the tower over seven hours, fueled by kerosene in the generators in that building, located in the lower floors.”

    I say: This was the MSM manufactured theory. The NIST report on WTC 7 actually put this idea to rest when it published the FACT that of the 3,000 gallons of emergency generator fuel that were known to be stored in the basement of WTC 7, 2,800 gallons were eventually recovered. The official reason for the collapse is still a mystery.

    Wake up man !

    9/11 was an inside job !

    The Main Stream Media is complicit in the cover up.

    You must do your own homework to know the truth now.

  5. spyderblog Says:

    Please watch the video titled “9/11 Debunked: Thermate Chemical Signatures Disproven” in Part Two.

    I’m guessing that the “peer reviewed journal” you mentioned is the “Journal of 9/11 Studies” which is simply a group of 9/11 Truthers who got together to have their own venue to publish their stuff.

    No real peer review journal starts-out with a conclusion and publishes only papers that agree with it. Let me show you how a real peer review journal works:

    1) paper is submitted to the journal and examined by scientists in that same field of study. Upon approval, the paper is published.
    2) once the paper is published, any other scientist from that same field of study is free to examine the methods used for the paper’s writer(s) to come to the conclusions they reached and may attempt to reproduce the study to see if they get the same results. If they replicate the study and the conclusions are the same, the paper stands. If they come to different conclusions, they can publish a paper of their own to refute the previous one.
    3) if the original paper is debunked in-full or in-part, the original author may be forced to reevaluate their original hypothesis.

    The Journal of 9/11 Studies comes only from the point of view that the conspiracy theories are correct. It isn’t a real peer review journal in the same sense as scientific journals, it’s a propaganda venue for the 9/11 conspiracy theorists.

  6. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    I am glad to see that you understand the value of the pier review process in good objective science.

    I watched your “9/11 Debunked” video & it is an attempt to lessen the value of the chemical signature of Thermate that was detected by Prof. Jones a couple of years ago.

    The scientific paper I was referring to was co published by a team of 9 international scientists earlier this year “2009”.

    It was published in “The Open Chemical Physics Journal”.

    They found & photographed Nano Thermate in all the samples. The only reason that you did not hear about this is that the MSM is actively involved in the cover up.

    This is real scientific PROOF that can not be Debunked.

    We all have our tipping points, mine came in November of 2006, when I saw original news footage of WTC 7 fall for the very first time. The only way a media junkie like myself, could have missed the fact that WTC 7 collapsed on 9/11/01, is if there was a deliberate attempt by the MSM to hide these facts & images from the public.

    From there I reviewed the footage of the Pentagon & discovered that there really was only a 20 ft. hole in the stone wall that the media told us was hit by a plane with a 120 ft. wingspan at 500 mph.

    This was further PROOF that the MSM was manipulating what the public could see, because they never showed us anything but images of the Pentagon after the roof collapsed.

    The technologically “impossible” cell phone calls soon fallowed.

    I “know” that 9/11 was an inside job, just as surely as I “know that the assassination of JFK was an inside job.

    “Magic Bullets” were replaced with “Magic Planes” & “Magic Cell Phones”.

    The perpetrators of both events use the MSM to hide the truth from the public.

    If it was not for the internet research that I have done, I would still be quite happy to think just the way you do now, but the science of 9/11 is far to compelling now.

    9/11 really was an inside job.

    I would actually be grateful to you, if you could PROVE otherwise.

  7. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    Watch this short Doc. on molten metal.

  8. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    spyderblog Have you been thinking ?

    Tell me what you think now.

  9. spyderblog Says:

    I’d like to answer your own question first.

  10. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    “I’d like to answer your own question first.”

    What does this mean ?

    If you have questions, I will try to answer.

  11. spyderblog Says:

    I did watch the video that you sent to me. Did you watch the videos I posted or the ones on the YouTube channel I linked in the blog?

    One error I saw in the film was that two steel beams got welded-together from the heat. Actually, the heat of the fire was about 1800 degrees, which is not enough to weld steel beams of that size. In fact, cross beams were welded or bolted together on-site when the towers were being built. This reduced costs and construction time. The WTC towers were actually very poorly built structures, lacking major safety features and basic componenets that would have prevented them from collapsing the way they did. The major concern when they were being constructed was saving time and money and, I think, was a big reason so many people got killed in the attacks.

    While people might think otherwise because it fits into their preconceived ideas, nothing in the film made me change my opinions.

    So, how about you?

  12. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    You are like the loyal but confused housewife that discovers her husband in the sex act with another woman & he denies the obvious by saying;

    “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes” ?

    You can see with your own eyes, red hot glowing metal being pulled out of the pile with cranes, weeks after the collapse. You can hear numerous testimonies from firemen & workers describing molten metal running in streams through the pile.

    It is obvious that the temperatures were much hotter than 1,800 degrees below the surface of the pile, & it is obvious now (because of the discovery of Nano Thermite), that the cause for the high temperatures is not natural, it is chemical.

    Look up the data from NASA, they used thermal imaging to detect sub surface temperatures in all three WTC tower locations. These temperatures approached 2,700 degrees in the elevator shafts where large pools of liquid metal had gathered, 2 & 3 weeks after 9/11/01.

    Your freedom will be returned to you when you stop repeating the government mantra of 2+2 =5.

    I have not found one scientific contradiction to this most recent PROOF of Nano Thermite science paper published in “The Open Chemical Physics Journal”, have you ?

    Prior to November of 2006, I was where you are now, it is tough to deal with, but the FACTS are out there. It is not easy to accept that the government & the MSM are complicit, but they are.

    2+2=4 !

    Look at the little hole in the Pentagon next.

  13. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    spyderblog said;

    “The WTC towers (1 & 2) were actually very poorly built structures,”

    This is the statement of a ill informed researcher, or a disinformation propagandist.

    The FACT is that this was a super strong award winning design for the 110 story towers, that achieved a 10X redundancy. This means that each floor in the building was literally 10 times stronger than it had to be to carry the load of all the floors above it.

    WTC 7 was of a completely different design, & was barley a decade old, & it too was “over built” as well.

    There are no design errors in these towers. It is impossible to achieve the near free fall speeds of collapse witnessed in all three towers, without the aid of planted explosives like Nano Thermite.

    spyderblog, you should retract & apologize or lose all credibility in my eyes.

  14. puzzled Says:

    Do you have a better version of this video? I can see lips moving and pictures and people pointing, but outside of an occasional person who speaks louder I cant hear what they are saying because it is all muffled by an annoying short loop of muzak.

  15. Bill Says:

    Steven Jone’s nanothermite paper was not peer reviewed. Bentham publishing is a vanity publication. Google “CRAP paper” and “Bentham publishers resign”. Secondly no truther can and never will be able to quote when DC exactly said “stand down”. Twoofer assumption is not evidence.

  16. mfluet1 Says:

    By the way you haven’t researched it really tell the truth because they claimed a man named Mark called his mother and said Hi mom this is Mark Hernandez..Umm When did you ever use your full name in calling your own darn mother…second the FAA stated it was a .0006 percent of rate to even make a call from a plane at 32,000 feet. Ok debunked you on that

    Now the explosion of the trade center as it is an explosion is done every time a casino is to be demolished look that up and you will see the exact same thing as the trade center I think you just got debunked as a fraud cause you never bothered to research the truth it is allover youtube and by the way the germans have video that was submitted and there is a long list of truth to the 9/11 INSIDE explosion go to truetv.com/jesse the formergovernor period it was an inside job for the most thing they do MONEY

  17. mfluet1 Says:

    Oh and by the way a plane crashed into the empire state building and it never did that think about it

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