“9/11 Truth” Conspiracies Debunked, Part Two

In the comments section for the first entry on this topic, someid4 wrote this:

All I can say is, you obviously have not done your homework!

Please tell me, If 9/11 was pulled off by guys in caves, like the government wants us to believe….. then which one of the guys in the cave got NORAD to “stand down”?

What about the thermite?

I feel so bad for the people who fall for this “false-flag” government deception….9/11 happened to bring about the “patriot act”….”homeland security”….PERIOD.

I must say you “de-bunked” 9/11 about as good as Glen Beck “de-bunked” FEMA camps……oh thats right, he DIDNT!

Well, if you had taken the time to watch RKOwen4’s videos, you would have seen his evidence debunking these pet theories of the “9/11 Truthers”.

Realizing that not everyone has the time or inclination to look for a debunking of their favorite theory, I have decided to do the work for you.

“NORAD Stand Down Order” Debunked

Dick Cheney Never In Charge of NORAD

Norman Mineta – No Stand Down Order

NORAD “Stand Down” Disproven

Claims About Thermite Debunked

Thermate Chemical Signatures Disproven

Columns Cut not by Thermite

“Molten Metal” Explained

No Pools of Molten Steel

So, it looks like one of us hasn’t done his “homework”, but that person isn’t me.

It was you.

I understand that there are some people out there making their money by selling books, DVDs, tapes, CDs, magazines, etc expounding the 9/11 Truth movement’s diatribe.

If more people realizing that the 9/11 Truth movement is full of crap takes money out of their pockets, then that’s just too bad.

Class dismissed.



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4 Responses to ““9/11 Truth” Conspiracies Debunked, Part Two”

  1. m0k3d Says:

    c’mon anyone can do a quick search and then post some garbage government funded main stream media videos, 5 min. after I commented on your other post, this proves nothing…

    Just face it, you traded your freedom for “security”…you’ve been had!

    Who was that in your first post? Rosie O’Donnell? Ha..Haaa… Just keep listening to her…..

  2. spyderblog Says:

    Just because I don’t believe the garbage put-out by the 9/11 “Truth” Movement, doesn’t mean that I support the Patriot Act and you would know that if you had read my previous blog entries.

  3. m0k3d Says:

    ok…your right I didnt read your other posts…Will they tell me how you feel about the fed res? dhs checkpoints? police state, brutality? satanic global oligarch? new world order? The corrupt us government? or the global elite that control them? or how about the Bible ond Jesus? If not I cant be bothered…

  4. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    The question is,

    Can the mind of spyderblog open to the new scientific FACTS that prove that controlled demolition brought down the WTC towers, or is his mind closed ?

    Is he hopelessly lost in the fog of the government & MSM 2+2=5
    slave culture ?

    Prior to November of 2006, I did not doubt. I did not do my own research either, so I simpathize with the people that have not woken up yet.

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