Debunking Climate Change Deniers

Here is a YouTube channel I only recently discovered: greenman3610

From his channel profile, we learn a bit more about him:

“Peter Sinclair is a long time advocate of environmental awareness and energy alternatives. An award winning graphic artist, illustrator, and animator, Mr. Sinclair runs Greenman Studio from his home in Midland, MI.

Mr. Sinclairs cartoons and illustrations have appeared in newspapers around the world, and his work has been profiled in numerous publications, including the New York Times, The Utne Reader, and HaAretz of Jerusalem.

30 years of writing and activism in the areas of energy and environment, including extended study in Nashville with Al Gore and the worlds leading climate experts, in addition to skillful creation of audio visual presentations, have made Mr. Sinclairs
presentation on Climate change and alternative energy one which has been called a must see!

Constantly updated information, made vivid with striking, clear graphics and animations, many derived from NASA, The National Snow and Ice Data Center, and top international sources, an expert knowledge of the issues of energy and environment, and an informal, good humored delivery, make difficult concepts easy to see and grasp.

No issue will have a greater impact on the new century than the decisions we make on energy and the impact of global climate change, and Peter Sinclairs presentation makes the critical points dramatically clear and immediate.”

I recently subscribed to his channel and I found the videos to be very well done, informative and present the information so that the average person can understand it. Sometimes, people don’t like Science because it often involves trying to understand complex information and the usage of terms few non-scientists comprehend. But, that is not the case with greenman3610.

He takes-on slogans that are used by people and organizations that deny humans are contributing to global warming or that global warming is even occurring. Each claim is taken in-turn and thoroughly debunked, without using emotional appeals or personal attacks, but with documentable proof from reliable sources, such as NASA. Greenman3610 makes no claim that he cannot prove.

Give him a chance.



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