Miss California Has Fake Boobies?

So, Miss California has had breast implants?

Please say it ain’t so, Joe. Say it ain’t so.

Apparently, breast implants are supposedly common in beauty contests, according to Shanna Moaklar co-executive Vice President. In fact, the Miss California organization even paid for them.

Never mind that Miss California has lent her voice to a California campaign to prevent homosexuals from ever getting the right to marry in that State, but Carrie Prejean has put the lie to the old-fashioned idea that everyone is good enough just as they are.

I could understand if a woman just wanted a boob job to feel good about herself or to attract men or is a stripper or porn star. But, a beauty contestant having a boob job and her state organization paying to have it done just seems like cheating to me.

Alright, maybe I am old-fashioned on this topic. But, I think it should be against the pageant rules for a contestant to have had certain kinds of cosmetic surgery done prior to to signing-up. Dental work would be okay, eliminating scar tissue, etc. Things like that.

But, if all the contestants in a Miss USA pageant are going to be allowed to have whatever cosmetic work done that they want before the contest, then it’s less a competition between natural beauty and more a contest between whoever had the better plastic surgeon.

I really have no hostility to Carrie Prejean, despite her opposition to same-sex marriage. What I object to is her use of the title to further a cause that is working to deny rights to a very important section of the population of her State. I also object to the cheapening of an already cheap title of Miss California – and by extension, Miss USA – by allowing contestants to artificially enhance their appearance through cosmetic surgery and State organizations paying for the work to be done.

Young people all over this country, especially young women, often feel that they aren’t beautiful enough. Now, Miss California and the California organization is telling them that even Miss California wasn’t attractive enough and had to have surgery so that she would be good-looking enough.

This sends a bad message to young women.



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