Fundraiser to Fight Malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa

I found-out about this fundraiser a short time ago and decided to spread the word as best I can.

If you care to make a donation through this fundraiser, use this link

If you’d rather donate to Malaria No More directly through their website, use this link

Malaria is a mosquito-borne infectious disease that infects 515 million people anually.  Every year, between one and three million people are killed, the vast majority of them being young children in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Children are particularly succeptable to malaria, the vast majority of fatalities resulting from infection within the first five years of age.  While the current infection rate is 515 million people globally per year, without intervention, the problem is estimated to double within 20 years.

Symptoms of malaria include fever, shivering, arthralgia (joint pain), vomiting, anemia (via erythrocyte hemolysis caused by P. falciparium invasion), hemoglobinuria, retinal damage, and convulsions.  Malaria has also been found to cause cognitive impairments, and through its anemic effects it can also inflict brain damage – expecially in children.  Within regions where HIV is also prevalent, the effects of malaria are compounded.  Without treatment, severe cases of malaria have been known to induce both coma and death within days or even hours.  Even with intensive care, fatality rates can exceed 20% in severe pandemics.  While medical treatment is available, preventative intervention is both cheaper and more effective for combating this pathogenic disease.

The nets are both reliable and effective, requiring only a simple insecticide treatment once every five years.  They have been proven to reduce chances of contracting malaria by over 70%.  However, not everyone can afford one.  The illness itself and the malaria treatment result in a loss of wage.  This is a contributor to poverty on a whole.  When compounded with the poverty some people already live in – expecially in rural areas – many people cannot afford to protect their families.  Currently, only 1 of every 20 people in Africa own a net.

This is where YOU come in.

Malaria No More is an internationally renouned non-profit NGO dedicated to malaria relief through providing insecticide-treated mosquito nets, educational services for how the netting and insecticide are used, logistical support, and other services necessary for combating the malaria epidemic in Africa.  They have been widely promoted, one promoter being American Idol.  Many celebrities have also initiated fundraisers for this group.  Malaria No More is a reliable and cost effective charity for providing anti-malarial services to Africa.

Malaria No More advocates the $10 dollar solution to malaria: $10 is the amount of money required to manufacture, ship, and distribute one mosquito net to a family in africa, as well as to educate them about their use.

Firstgiving acts as an intermediate for connecting registered charities with donators through hosting charity pages such as this one.  Firstgiving is both a reliable and trustworthy intermediate, having handled over 1.5 million people, thousands of causes, and over 90 million dollars.  Through their services, we can deliver your donations to Malaria No More safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Payment is fast, secure and easy.  No one has access to your account information, and all transactions are secure.  When you donate, you will be provided with a receipt that you can print off and use towards tax deductibles.  Every month, First Giving will automatically send a check with all amount collected directly to Malaria No More.  I do not handle the money, nor can I access it.

Nearly all money goes towards Malaria No More, the only exception being a 7.5% charge to all donations paid directly to FirstGiving.  This pays for the hosting page, technical support, staff, financial processing, logistics, as well as providng a safe and secure website that both protects your information and ensures the transfer of your money to the non-profit organization.  Using their services is the most efficient means to fundraise this money.  Fundraising progress is indicated on this page, and is automatically updated every time a donation is made.

April 25 is World Malaria Day.

What are you waiting for?  Donate today, and help protect Africans from this harmful disease.  Your contribution today may very well be the one that saves a life tomorrow.

For more information about Malaria No More, see

For more information about FirstGiving, see

If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to send an email to (If you are familiar with my UNFFwildcard YouTube channel that is both available and preferred), and I will address whatever you need as expediently as possible.

Thank you!  We your help, we can protect those in need.



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