Messianic Judaism is a Fraud

You may have heard about Messianic Jews by now. I think most people have heard about the Jews for Jesus, although there are other groups of “messianic Jews” or “Hebrew Christians” out there. You may have even wondered if there have always been congregations of Jewish Christians, who prayed in Hebrew, kept Kosher and observed the various Jewish High Holy Days. Have there even been Mesianic Jewish Rabbis out there, you wonder?

Actually, no. None of that is even remotely true.

The general lack of success in converting Jews to Christianity stems from several sources:

There is a long history of Christian persecution of the Jews, from the Roman Empire when Christianity became the state religion, to the Crusades and Middle Ages, pograms in Russia and culminating in the Holocaust of World War 2. Christians seemed to be hell-bent on either expelling the Jews from where they lived, converting them on pain of death or just plain killing them. Needless to say, most Jews, even the most secular ones, didn’t really look at Christianity as a source of goodwill for the Jewish people.

Next was the religious incompatibility between Judaism and Christianity. For every scriptural quote a minister or priest had to convince Jews that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah, rabbis have a ready response. From a stricly Jewish standpoint, using only the Bible (what Christians call the “Old Testament) it isn’t very hard to refute any claims of Jesus being the promised Messiah.

Third, even secular Jews have grown-up in a household where, at least, the cultural aspects of being a Jew were evident. We always have a devout grandparent or uncle or even a prent that observes at least some aspect of the Jewish faith. Embracing Christianity, for a Jew is like stepping out of this comfortable spot and into a foreign country. Historically, Jewish culture has found little welcome in Christian churches. In fact, Judaism was often looked at as passe and as a religion whose time had come and gone, being replaced by the “New Covenant” of Jesus.

So, how to get past al this and get Jews to convert to Christianity? Furthermore, why do most Messianic Jews believe many of the same things that evangelical Protestants believe and not as the Catholic or Orthodox do, considering that those branches of the Christian church are far older and have much larger followings?

A few decades ago, some of the evangelical Christians hatched a plan to launch a movement tht could evangelize to the Jews on a large scale and in a more organized fashion. They understood the problems I have outlined above and sought a way they could share the Gospel with the Jews in a way that Jews would feel more comfortable.

The actual founding father of the Messianic Jewish movement is Moishe Rosen (born Martin Meyer Rosen) who founded the group Jews for Jesus, the largest and most successful of the Messianic Jewish organizations, with his wife in 1969. Apparently coming from a Jewish family himself, though they were not devout.  According to Rosen, his father attended an Orthodox synagogue, but wasn’t very religious. Rosen and his wife converted to the Baptist Church and Rosen was ordained as a Baptist minister in 1957.

Wanting to find a way to bring more Jews into the Church, in 1973 Rosen left the employment of the American Board of Missions to the Jews (now called “Chosen People Ministries”) to incorporate a separate mission which later became known as Jews for Jesus Ministries.

However, Rosen never broke with the Baptists. In 1986 he received a Doctor of Divinity Degree from Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon and in 1997, the Conservative Baptist Association named him a “Hero of the Faith.”. Rosen has referred to himself both as a Messianic Jew and as a Christian.

Jews for Jesus is far from the first attempt by Christians to convert Jews. As I said, there have been numerous attempts over the centuries to convert Jews to the Church. Even Martin Luther gave it a try, though he was unsuccessful and, in his anger, published the notorious book On the Jews and Their Lies, which called for Jews to be expelled or killed, their synagogues and homes burned and their books destroyed.

Learning from past mistakes, Christians have taken a more subtle aproach. By offering an environment where they would see a rabbi, see Hebrew symbols and hear Hebrew or Yiddish spoken, they create Messianic synagogues where these things are readily apparent. At two conferences – one in Switzerland and the second in Thailand – it was realized that most Jews simply didn’t want to stop being Jews, even if they weren’t particularly observant to begin with. Once a Jew converts to another religion, he stops being a Jew and most of us simply don’t want to do that. It’s simply one step too far for many of us Jews.

So, the messianic movement was born.

Prior to the 1960s, there were no Messianic Jewish synagogues. There were no Messianic rabbis. It’s all a fraud.

Messianic Judaism is a modern, invented religion, born of a plot hatched out of the frustration of evangelical Protestants from their previous lack of missionizing success.

Messianics claim that Orthodox rabbis have converted from Orthodox Judaism to Messianic Judaism. Michael Esses once claimed to have been an Orthodox rabbi who converted to Christianity and became one of the leading missionaries to the Jewish people. He even presented a diploma from the non-existant rabbinical college The Sephardic Yeshiva of New York. This fraud was exposed by his wife, when the couple divorced and she published a book which contained a copy of instructions Michael had given to the printer who created his fraudulent diploma in the first place.

Tuvya Zaretsky was the director of the Los Angeles office of Jews for Jesus. It was publicly revealed during a television interview of Zaretsky in Philadelphia, when the host asked him if that was his real name. Zaretsky, reluctantly admitted that his real birth name was, in fact, Lloyd Carson. But, he was simply following the example of Martin (later Moishe) Rosen.

The chief supporters of this great fraud being committed against the Jewish people includes several powerful Protestant denominations:

  • Southern Baptists, chief underwriters of Jews for Jesus;
  • Seventh Day Adventists, they publish Shabbat Shalom magazine;
  • Missouri Synod of the Lutheran Church; and, of course,
  • Assemblies of God;

Jews for Jesus’ budget surpasses $11 million and they have missions around the world, including in the USA, Moscow, South Africa, Argentina and even Israel.

Jews for Jesus has an insideous method for converting elderly Jews to the Messianic movement. They will find elderly Jews who are living in nursing homes whose families seldom visit them. Once they have this information,they will send young missionaries to visit them in the homes and try to convert them. Jews for Jesus also published Modern Maturity magazine. this despicable tactic targets elderly people who are lonely and desperate to have the attention of anyone younger than themselves, especially people of the age that their children and grandchildren would be.

Jews for Jesus even offers its expertise to Protestant churches and instruct them of how to prostelytize to Jews.

I get a real laugh at some of these Protestant preachers who try to pretend to be Jewish or try to use Jewish symbols to somehow justify their message. I see ministers wearing tallis during their sermons, often incorrectly. One guy I saw yesterday was wearing it around his neck like a gym towel. I posted a comment and let him know about his mistake. His response was to delete my comment. Sadly, I think that they get enough credibility from their viewers to continue to do it, otherwise they would not do it in the first place or would stop doing it.

The chief strength that the messianic  movement has it its outreach. They actually reach out to the lonely people in the Jewish community, university students far from home for the first time, the elderly, the deaf and for many others. They enthusiastically welcome new faces into their “synagogues”, while most Jews tend to remain at arms length from an unfamiliar person who comes to their shul for the first time.

My grandparents weren’t particularly religious, neither were my parents. So, I grew-up not being devout. I’m still not religious. But, even though I haven’t gone to shul myself in years and the state of the Jewish religion plays little part in my own life, I find the history of the Messianic Judaism movement, its tactics and its goals to be despicable.




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37 Responses to “Messianic Judaism is a Fraud”

  1. Marianne Says:

    wow…you sure don’t like them.

  2. Adam J. Bernay Says:

    You are wholly ignorant of the modern Messianic community, and even of history. Yes, the modern Messianic movement was started as a false front for Jewish evangelism, but since the 1990s there has been a major move of Torah Observance in the Messianic community, forming legitimate Messianic congregations whose goal is not evangelism, but simply to serve as a forum for Torah Observant Believers to worship and fellowship in Torah and in the Jewish mold. Most of us have no connection to Jews for Jesus.

    As far as there being no Messianic congregations prior to the 1960s and no Orthodox rabbis who became Believers, in the 1800s there were Orthodox rabbis in Europe who became Believers and maintained their rabbinic pulpits. The best-known was Isaac Lichtenstein, who was a district rabbi in Hungary.

    Try reading more about the Messianics than what Jews for Judaism puts out.

  3. Darryl Weinberg Says:

    Alonzo, Alonzo. The net it full of tripe like this. At least if you’re going to post something about your bet noir, give us something that we already haven’t (yawn) heard like a thousand times before. There were no rabbis who came to faith? Heard of Leopold Cohen from Hungary in the late 1800’s? Daniel Zion, CHIEF Rabbi of Bulgaria until 1949? How about esteemed scholars like Solomon Ostrovsky?

    Furthermore, all those arguements in the Tanakh proving the Messiahship of Yeshua you say can be refuted so easily? Well, your refutations can be just as easily dismissed as lack of scholarship and twisting of the Scriptures, as I have done with Rabbi’s many times. Had a long conversation via email with a Rabbi in Vermont about why I was no longer a Jew. Most confusing contradictory attempt at justification for a baseless opionion I’ve heard for a long time.

    If you want to have a real discussion about whether Yeshua is the Messiah, let me know. If you choose not to believe, that’s your choice as well but at least let others make an informed choice without this bobbemysehs confusing the issue. Zei gezunt.

  4. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:

    Interesting list of names I have been given and I am thankful for the opportunity to do a bit more reading. Let’s see what we have:

    Isaac Lichtenstein wasactually named Ignatz Lichtenstein. He was, in fact, a rabbi. But, I have to wonder how educated he really was, since he repeated the Christian mistranslation of Psalm 2:12 as “kiss the Son”, instead of its actual meaning “embrace purity”. Also interesting how in his town, Christians were persecuting and killing Jews. A pretty opportune time to decide to convert, I must say.

    I’m sure it was just a coincidence.

    Leopold Cohen, founder of American Board of Missions to the Jews, later called “Chosen People Ministries” is often referred to as a rabbi. But, the only source to back this claim up comes from the organization he started, so it cannot be verified independantly.

    Daniel Zion was not the Chief Rabbi of Bulgria until 1949 or at any time, in fact.

    Bulgaria’s Jewish population emigrated to Israel in 1949 and the Chief Rabbi at the time was Asher Hannanel, who served from 1945 to 1949. From 1925 to 1945, Bulgarian Jews had no chief rabbi.

    Supposedly, Daniel (whoever he really was) believed in Jesus because he saw a vision of him. Uh-huh. Right.

    Anyway, assuming Daniel was ever in Bulgaria, let alone Chief Rabbi, it is odd that the only source of information on him is from Messianic sources, which again cannot be verified.

    As far as Solomon Ostrovsky, we still have some one who CLAIMS to have been born in the obligatory Orthodox Jewish family. Again, nothing aside from the group he helped start for information on his background.

    With the most recent example of Michael Esses as some one who CLAIMED to have been a rabbi from an Orthodox family, compared to three people that Darryl and Adam mention for whom there is no way to independently verify their claims of being rabbis or even Jews, we have a bit of a quandry here, I must say.

    btw Adam, thanks for admitting that Messianic Judaism got its start as a false front for evangelicals. Nice to have a bit of honesty from Messianics once in awhile.

  5. dmeecha Says:

    Alonzo…do you spend most of your time in Talmud? Your rants were written hundreds of years ago when our father closed their eyes and ears to Ha Shem & His Messiah & you follow in their footsteps…

    Study the Tanakh, log 10,000 hours in it & become an expert & you will find out Messiah is the end of the Torah for all who believe….he is the prize…start digging through the cerial box to find it…be well, don

  6. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:


    here we go again.

    First, Don, to accuse the Jews of closing their eyes and ears to HaShem (one word) is a rather snide way of saying that Christians think they know the Bible better than the People to whom it is still Sacred Scripture and not just the “Old Testament”.

    Muslims accuse both Jews and Christians of the same thing, by the way, and I doubt you take their accusations seriously either.

    The Messiah isn’t meant to be the “prize” that the Jews are expected to “win”. The coming of the Messiah is supposed to bring about the ingathering of the Twelve Tribes, the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and the Universal Knowledge of G-d to the world. None of which Jesus did.

    If you want to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, be my guest. I won’t stand in your way, any more than I stand in the way of people who believe in the Easter Bunny, Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot.

    Everyone has the right to believe in whatever they want. Even if I personally think that they are wrong.

    Just don’t use lies to try to convince other people of your “truth”.

    PS, I think you meant “cereal”, not “cerial”, right? Try digging-around the dictionary for 10,000 hours.

  7. Darryl Weinberg Says:

    I would whole-heartedly disagree that Messianic Judaism was a front for Jewish evangelism. It was the beginnings of Christianity going back to its roots that had been supressed for the better part of 2000 years. Just because the Church fathers were deranged in their anti-Semitic writings that led the Messianic faith off the rails, does not negate the fact that Yeshua is Israel’s Messiah and we can continue to relate to God through our (biblical) traditions. Now that we’ve had a generation to figure things out, we understand much better how to worship God in a Messainic context and realize how Torah fits in with our Messianic identity. I am way more Jewish now in my lifestyle than I ever was before I got saved. Is that being dishonest or finally finding some meaning in my God-mandated traditions?

    If you’re honest Alonzo, you’ll see it’s impossible to fulfill Torah and I can’t find another way of atonement for sin other than the shedding of blood. If Jews have no blood atonement now, how do they reconcile with God, according to Torah? You have to admit that Talmudic Judaism is a much further departure from Tanakh than you claim Messianic Judaism is. So, without a Temple, how do Jews get right with God if the Redeemer hasn’t come?


  8. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:

    Now that I have some free time to respond to your comment, I will do so.

    First, let’s start-off with a basic premise that Christians accept everything in the Tanakh (aka “OLd Testament”) as True.

    That said, it is possible for everything in the Tanakh to be True and everything in the New Testament to be false. It would be impossible for the New Testament to be True and the Tanakh to be false.

    Got that? Okay, let’s move on.

    According to Numbers Chapter 15, sacrifices were offered for UNINTENTIONAL sins, not intentional ones. Intentional sins were punished by the perpetrator being cut-off from the People (i.e. killed or otherwised punished) so the idea that blood sacrifices were the only means to atone for intentional sins is not in-line with Jewish Scripture.

    The Book of Leviticus lists the animals that were to be used for sacrifices. There was no mention of humans. Human sacrifices were offered by the pagan cultures of the time, never by the People of Israel.

    Leviticus 17:11 plainly states that the blood of the sacrificed animals must be sprinkled on the altar. Since Jesus’ blood never even touched the altar, his blood could not have been valid as an offering, even if humans were allowed to be sacrificial animals, which they were not.

    The Prophet Hosea prophesied in Hodea 3:2-3 that the Jews will abide many days without the altar and sacrifices. Later, in Hosea 14:2-3 the Prophet states that the People will “let our lips substitute for bulls”. In other words, repentent prayer will take the place of blood sacrifices.

    Another point of disagreement we havehere is that Jesus is supposed to be like the lamb which was offered for the sin sacrifice. The sin sacrifice was for ACCIDENTAL sins, not intenetional ones. But, getting beyond that, the Book of Leviticus states plainly which animals were to be offered for sins and even what gender they were supposed to be. The sin-offering lamb was supposed to be FEMALE. Since Jesus was a man, the comparison is not tangible.

    FInally, since Jesus was crucified on the Eve of Passover, the idea that he could be a sin offering loses any kind of credibility. Passover was meant to be a commemoration of the night when the Angel of Death passed-over the Children of Israel (Exodus 12:14). It was not a sin offering.

    Personally, I think you’ve been brainwashed by Christian propaganda.


  9. Darryl Says:

    Well Alonzo, if only unintentional sin is covered, Aaron was toast from the moment Moses went up to Sinai and he made the golden calf and then lied about it. Or how about David’s adultery and murder. Totally accidental right? Had no idea what he was doing. Insanity plea maybe? You’re watching too much Law & Order I think. He repented and God forgave him on the spot.

    Hosea 14:2 does not intend that the fruit of our lips will replace sacrifices. Lev 17:11 as you menton, is the only way given in Torah atonement and Mal 3:6 says God does not change His ways. It’s speaking of Israel asking for iniquity to be taken away and then God receiving their prayers. Atonement must be made first.

    No human sacrifice? How about David’s killing of Saul’s sons for what he did to the Gibeonites in 2 Sam 21? God received that as legitimate and the famine ended. And if you find that abhorant, what about Israel’s idolotry with Molech that they were judged so harshly for? Rabbinic literature is also rife with the idea of the righteous providing expiation for the sinful and isn’t that exactly the point you make about Isa 53, that Israel is being spoken about as the sacrifice for the Goyim? Besides, if Yeshua really is God (Isa 9:5-6, Prov 30:4) then His sacrifice would be acceptable as God can certainly offer Himself up if He so choses.

    Regarding Passover, the whole significance of the event was God protecting Israel from judgement. That’s why it was the only plague they actually needed to do something. Just as the lamb’s blood covered Israel, Yeshua’s blood covers us all from eternal judgement. The typology is crystal clear.

    While it’s not my desire to be contrary Alonzo, your arguments are contradictory and more importantly, incongruent with the very book you claim to quote. Sadly, I think you’ve been reading too much anti-missionary propaganda.

  10. marcl1969 Says:

    Mazel Tov! An excellent analysis of the situation. Unfortunately though there are people speaking out, they often fail to reach those who are vulnerable to the cult-like tactics these predatory missionaries use. all I can say is kol hakavod to Rabbi Skopec and the excellent work Jews4Judaism do! Take a look at their website- some excellent material there!

  11. david thain Says:

    To add,

    I think a Messianic Synagogue is a place where people (Jew or Gentile, the New Covenant makes no distinction, only between those in Messiah or not) can observe both covenants, learn about the Jewish roots of Christianity and become more aware of what ACTUALLY happened instead of getting Rome’s version which most Christians get.

    Where is the harm??

  12. Matt Sieger Says:

    I am a staff member with Jews for Jesus. Beyond your claims that we use “insidious” methods to tell Jewish people about Jesus, I must correct one particularly glaring misstatement on your part. You say that Jews for Jesus published Modern Maturity magazine. Modern Maturity is the magazine published by AARP until 2003, when AARP changed the name of its publication to AARP: The Magazine. The only magazine we have ever published is called ISSUES. You and your readers can find it at

  13. Scott Says:

    Wow…Since the beginning of christianity as a religion christians have been trying to link thier religion to judaism. If Jesus was the messiah…how did the guys that received the torah, studied the torah and kept it safe for fifteen hundred years-not just risking, but losing their lives- before the birth of jesus miss it?

    It’s because jesus was not the jewish messiah.

    Perhaps he some divine being from a new tradition for the gentiles? Most likely he was just a guy-one of the hundreds of guys of the period that people mistook for the messiah. He just had some really organizational savvy promoters, who unlike any of the other messiah promoters decided that since the jews weren’t buying they’d sell to the gentiles who didn’t know any better. And then circle back for the Jews with swords in their hands.

    Jews shouldn’t care except to try and impress on the christains that it’s not cool to kill us, rape us, steal our children, attack our families through deveptive prostelyzing…or the thousands of other crimes that the followers of the person the believe to be our messiah have inflicted-and still inflict- upon us over the millinea. We’ve been literally loved to death by their g*d.

    But they will continue to pursuse the suffering servant because we-the experts on the torah- irritate christians by absolutely rejecting their new religion. How can it really be true if the jews aren’t buying?

    We alone among the peoples hold fast to our G*d-unlike the egyptians and the persians and the greeks and the romans and the arabs who exchanged G*ds like people change shoes. In 3000 years we’ve never needed to prostelyze or threated or murder to keep our people strong. We and our G*d outlasted them and their G*ds.

    There are some who fail and convert…or abandon the idea of G*d alltogether-after all Jews are just people-but to our merit we have persevered and prospered as a people despite persecution at the hand of christians and muslims and who knows…maybe thats the point.

    Long after no one in the world remebers hearing the name Jesus outside of a textbook there will still be Jews serving our G*d.

    Does that make us better or most holy or worthy of better seats in the world to come? Jewish thought says no; it simply makes us Jews.

    If I were one of these christians running these messianic jew scams I guess I’d be scared about what our G*d thinks about people who prey on the hearts and minds and faiths of his people. Ask the Midianites about that kind of thing.

  14. Jonathan Says:

    Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:

    “Anyway, assuming Daniel was ever in Bulgaria, let alone Chief Rabbi, it is odd that the only source of information on him is from Messianic sources, which again cannot be verified.”

    While Rabbi Zion was not the Chief Rabbi of Bulgaria to say that wasn’t in Bulgaria is to ignore his efforts to save BULGARIAN Jews during the Shoah!
    The American Jewish Congress refer to him as a the Rabbi of Sofia.

    His name is on the yadvashem website as a bulgarian rabbi, he is mentioned in haaretz

    Kabbalah and the Holocaust 2001, Orot
    The world reacts to the Holocaust -1996, John Hopkins University Press
    Proceedings American Academy for Jewish Research, 1949, Pg. 191
    American Jewish Year Book‎, 1951, Pg. 361
    The Bulgarian Jews and the Final Solution, 1940-1944‎ , 1972
    The Jews in Soviet Satellites, 1953, Pg. 600
    The Politics of Nonviolent Action‎, 1973, Pg. 153
    Accounting for genocide: national responses and Jewish victimization during the Holocaust, 1979
    Saving of the Jews in Bulgaria, 1941-1944 ,1977 Pg. 180
    Saving the Bulgarian Jews in WWII, 1989
    Annual‎: Social Cultural and Educational Association of the Jews in the People’s Republic of Bulgaria, 1951, 1970, 1980, 1984, 1987
    Middle East survey: the political, social, and religious problems‎, 1954, Pg. 182
    Farewell España: the world of the Sephardim remembered

    And all this is from non-messianic sources! There is more!

    I’m a Christian but don’t want to convert anyone. Jon

  15. A Jew With A View Says:

    Great article.

    Like you, I am intensely frustrated with the deceit practised by Messianics. I argue against them on a regular basis in several online forums, where Messianics are trying desperately to convince the world that they are the ‘real jews’.

    There is one fundamental point which we as Jews need to reiterate time and again: Judaism ALONE gets to DEFINE ‘jewish’ identity.

    Non Jews do not get to unilaterally declare themselves ‘jews’, when they are in fact PRACTISING CHRISTIANITY.

    Messianics have the right to their own beliefs, rituals etc.
    They just don’t have a right to call it ‘judaism’. It isn’t. It never will be.

    Some time back I too blogged on this issue, if you get a minute, check it out:

  16. Darryl Says:

    So who’s talking about non-Jews defining who’s Jewish? Goyim who are Messianic are exactly that: Messianic Goyim. Jewish is by bloodline but they, like Ruth, have attached themselves to the Commonweatlh fo Israel. Messianic Judaism is Judaism and will always be. Jews have accepted many messiahs throughout history, including Akiva believing that Bar Kochba was him (and that was false) yet nobody accuses Akiva of not being Jewish. Christianity, in its proper context is very Jewish as Yeshua was Jewish, kept Torah perfectly and exhorted His followers to do the same. I was born Jewish, keep the biblical customs and worship the one, true God.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    i went to a messianic meeting where there were 14 people. i am a jew & i was surprised – the “teacher” i’ll call him was spelling hebrew words & i had to correct him – he was telling me i was wrong when i knew i was right about spelling the word “chai” – incorrect practice of candle lighting ceremony & havdalah – it was teaching christians about their jewish roots – that’s all. after hearing all these ancient prayers with yeshua mixed into them i was a bit boggled. at the end of the meeting the “teacher” asked me what i thought so i stood up & gave it to them straight – “i don’t want to offend anyone….i feel like i’m sitting in a room full of apostates – if you want to be christians – be christians… if you want to be jews – be jews … but you can’t be both…you can’t sit on the fence.” messianic judaism is the apostacy of both christianity & judaism. it is a christian practice – not jewish. i agree with “if you can’t beat ’em – join ’em” as far as this being an evangelical movement. i don’t like it & think it is an attempt to convert jews into christians. you have your god, we’ll have ours & let’s just get along.

  18. Michael Rudmin Says:

    I am a Christian, a child of Christian parents. If you take my family name back far enough, it goes to Lithuania, to a town “Rudminas”, which seems to have been a Jewish town there. The Lithuanian Jewish towns, then, if I understand correctly, were largely made of those who escaped the Spanish Inquisition, got to Lithuania (a land of religious freedom), and then subsequently some converted and some didn’t. My own family, it seems, converted, if they ever were Jewish at all. Rudmin isn’t inherently Jewish the way (for example) Lewis might be. It is only inherently “from a Jewish town” — if I understand correctly.

    I did read a book, “Testimonies” from Jews for Jesus, that seems to have been fairly forthright and honest. Yes, names do change for a variety of reasons; but we might, in charity, assume that what we hear is not wholly fabricated. On the other hand, in some cases information may indeed be wholly fabricated.

    But there was another book that impressed me, “Salvation is from the Jews.” And one of the points that it made was the basic tenets of Jewish faith. One of them, for example, was “I believe in the Messiach, that he will come. If he tarry, I will wait for him.” Now, the concept of who/what Messiach means is for today’s jews an open question, but it seems to me that it wasn’t always. But another one was, “I believe in the Prophets, and that everything that they prophesied will come to pass.”

    And I always wondered: Jeremiah prophesied that God would have for all time a king of David’s line before him on the throne. Yet with the Great Revolution, the Romans exterminated all of David’s line. So how is it that this could be, except that the Messiach is a King of David’s line, through all eternity?

    Or again, “Testimonies” had a good point about Daniel prophesying the coming history in “sevens” (not weeks, but the word is sevens of something — in this case, years). If this is true, then how could it be that the King did not come in the timeframe prophesied?

  19. anonimous Says:

    One of them, not a jew were telling me, a jew, that if I don’t accept Jesus as a messiah I will go to hell.
    “What a jerk”, I thought….

  20. Konstantinos Says:

    I attended a Messianic Synagogue for a few years before I converted to Eastern orthodoxy. The only thing it taught me was some interesting liturgical practices which were meant to be what was supposedly used by the First Church during and right after the Temple was destroyed by AD 70. Fact is Messianic Judaism is pretty much the attempt at reviving not Temple Judaism but Rabbinical Judaism which came much later and had been set up to refute Jesus( I cannot stand it when people use Yeshua/Yah’shua, etc. etc when they themselves do not speak or write in Hebrew anyway).

    The early Church practiced Temple Judaism, with a Priesthood appointed by Jesus from His disciples. This Church flourished and grew into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. This is irrefutable. Most of the practices maintained in Orthodox congregations within the Divine Liturgy is a continuation of the Temple practices of the Cohen but with a New priesthood and newly adapted ceremonies which have confirmed the Old Temple practices with the Sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus. If anyone who wants to witness the Early Church, head over to your local Orthodox Church sometime. Ignore the whole Hebrew display of what I now call Evangelical Jewish Protestantism.

    And leave the Jews alone, please. Every time something bad happens a bunch of Palestinians die, a couple Orthodox Churches get burned down and the UMJC spends more money trying to bring another congregation to proselytize a bunch of Jews in the Galil who are only out to take their money and will say anything just to do it. So just leave them alone and buy a ham steak instead.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us, Alonzo. Spot on man.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    This article is simply FANTASTIC! Messianic, “Jews” are not even Hebrews to even begin with. My ex step father conned by mother into joining this nonsense. He is a Texan Anglosaxon who wears a beanie and other Jewish garb, and swears up and down he is, “Jewish”. How utterly ridiculous. I guess I’ll go purchase a sombrero and self proclaim myself a Mexican. You Messiaic, “Jews” aren’t fooling anyone…including God.

    Anyway, I asked him this, “You do not speak Hebrew. You don’t write Hebrew. You are not an Israeli national. You possess ZERO Jewish blood in you. No, going back 400 years doesn’t count people. Are you not a total poser and a fake?” Without doubt…yes you are. Case closed.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Oh people please. So buying a sombrero and wearing it makes one a Mexican? You Messianic, “Jews” are such frauds and fakes. My ex step dad wears a beanie, goes to one of these, “synagogues” and self-proclaims himself a Jew. Yeah….someone is having an identity crisis to say the least. A Texan Anglosaxon wearing a beanie, and acting like a Jew. We have one word from my generation…POSER!!!

    99% of you DO NOT speak Hebrew (let alone write it). You ARE NOT from New York or an Israeli national. All your claims to Jewish fame are ALL self announced. How sad you people are.

  23. John Gallivan Says:

    Oh people please. So buying a sombrero and wearing it makes one a Mexican? You Messianic, “Jews” are such frauds and fakes. My ex step dad wears a beanie, goes to one of these, “synagogues” and self-proclaims himself a Jew. Yeah….someone is having an identity crisis to say the least. A Texan Anglosaxon wearing a beanie, and acting like a Jew. We have one word from my generation…POSER!!!

    99% of you DO NOT speak Hebrew (let alone write it). You ARE NOT from New York or an Israeli national. All your claims to Jewish fame are ALL self announced. How sad you people are.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    well to every one who thinks Messianic Judaism is fraud, have you ever seen all 66 chapters of isaiah oh wait there may be a chapter missing hmm… lets see Isaiah 52 then the next chapter is well thats strange I see 52 and 54 but not 53 either there are people bad with numbers or just doesn’t want to explain what 53 is all about and yes I know there are many chapters of the bible left out but even the talmud talks about how the two massiahs are to come one to sacrifice for the people one to rule over us as king if you believe that God(Adonei, HaShem, El Shaddei, ImannuEl) yes I know the various nams God uses and I know many of the Jewish Traditions. because I was embeded with the traditions and holidays that go with the culture but I also know that God really wants all of us to have a relationship with him and that is the basis of Messianic Judaism to have all people believe in God and to talk to him because he is all around us he is everywhere and he can do anything he wants but it is up to us to follow him and since everyone is God’s children then that means both Jews and Gentiles should believe in him… oh wait speaking as a Messianic Jewish person that is what our relationship is all about we accept everybody and that is the true meaning of Messianic Judaism accepting everybody for who they are despite their diffrences just like God meant it to be so alonzo I know God loves you and will always love you but did you ever consider the similirites of every religion and it is based on Judaism catholics have kippas(yamuka’s) and talis at least the head of church does, baptists have baptisms(mikvah’s) my point being how can you say it is a fraud when we do everything exactly as God wanted us to do.

  25. Ben Says:

    Maybe Jews have to reach out to their own people. Being a Catholic myself, we have evangelicals poaching our areas also. The solution is to do a better job, than the evangelicals.

  26. Yossi Says:

    I was a Messianic for 3 years of my life. after I was convinced to attend a “messianic” Church when I was a Freshman in college by a classmate who befriended me. I had felt it such a love from the community that I never expereinced even before my Bar Mitzvah. After almost 4 months of attending on and off and then more reguraly I started trying to convince my Jewish friends about Jesus after my HIllel advisor told me I have to pick if I am going to be a Chrisitan or be Jewish I chose Chrisitanity and continued like this until I started finding problems that contradicted the Tanakh. I even noticed the majority of my congregation were gentiles and the only ones born Jewish were just 10. Even the minister was not even a Jew. I started listening to outreach Judaism tapes by Tovia Singer and even speaking with my Jewish friends who still spoke to me and I even got to spend Shabbath with a friend (my now wife) and her family. I felt so much love around the Shabbath Table and this was somthing I felt so much truer to Judaism that I only felt when I was at the church. I am proud to say I have returned to Judaism. I truly feel I am the victim of spirital abuse by a group of preditors who lie, change their names, use Jewish symbols to lure in college students, the sick, the Elderly, and anyone who does not have a firm Jewish education.

  27. Jason Says:

    Simply put; messiah in Judaism was never meant to be worshipped as G-d. End of topic.

  28. MABSH"Y Says:

    Oh, really? You want to bring in the “suffering servant” chapter? (which is found in ALL Jewish Bibles, thankyouverymuch. What you are confusing it with is that (like many parts of the Bible, as you said), it is not read as a haftorah (reading from the prophets) after a weekly torah reading, since those readings were set down several thousand years ago as remembrance of the corresponding Torah portion of the week,forbidden by the Gentile authorities to be read, under pain of death. That chapter didn’t happen to correspond to anything in the Torah. But that doesn’t mean it’s not read and studied it is. Now let’s talk about “leaving stuff out”. YHou conveniently left out the context. Namely Chapter 52 (chapterization created by later non-Jewish translators of the Bible, btw). You will clearly se that the servant is the nation of Israel,and those that are speaking in Chapter 53 are the nations of the world. I also like the way that you slipped in “Immanuel” as a name of God, when in fact it is not, only the sobriquet of the child of the young woman (Hebrew almah, not betulah, virgin), currently pregnant (read the Hebrew — tense is present) in Isaiah 7. Not a Messianic prophecy, but a prophecy about the current king, Ahaz.

  29. Yah Says:

    Some of the men who run these congregations are in it for the money. They serve a different G-D!

  30. me Says:

    I will never understand why a Jew would need to be “saved.” Everybody knows when Jews want to save, they cut out the middleman and go direct to the source.

    Isn’t that what God promised: Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is none else.

    So, did He lie?

  31. thelilianblog Says:

    Great post!

  32. Patrick Geaney Says:

    A great article. Messianic Judaism is indeed a MASSIVE fraud perpetrated on the elderly and other vulnerable people, just as the other 40,000+ factions of Christianity are frauds whose leaders promote their many conflicting idols such as jesus, christ, jesus christ, trinity, triunity etc in opposition to the only Creator and Mighty One of Israel.

    Messianic Judaism provides money making opportunities for power hungry, money-grabbing leaders of organisations with high sounding names such as Jews for Jesus, Ariel Ministries, Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, MJAA, AMAA, UMJA, SBMF, etc.

    But let us not forget that for many ‘ordinary folk’; from both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds and who have nothing whatever to do with any of the idols and factions and leaders of Messianic Judaism or Christianity; believe that Yeshua of Nazareth is indeed the promised Messiah and the only begotten son of HaElohiym (Psalm 2), who faithfully worshiped The Mighty One of Israel, quoting Deuteronomy 6:4 as his grounds for doing so, and was zealous for the Torah of Mosheh and teaches his followers to do likewise.

  33. Susan Says:

    Alonzo – absolutely fabulous! These phones can be spotted a mile away & yet so many people don’t open their eyes to them. Thank you for this terrific article & your wonderful responses to these desperate bigots!

  34. Bob Uncle Says:

    I believe that Darryl Weinberg is NOT qualified to be called a rabbi.
    Rather he is a christian baptist preacher whose self-admitted purpose is to convert Jews to Christianity because, he says, Jews have “spiritual poverty”. He is more than welcome to be a baptist preacher and more power to him. But to masquerade as a rabbi, as he does, is dishonest and deceitful. He uses the Torah, Jewish teaching and practices as a cloak to hid his true purpose because, as he says, “It’s like being a missionary overseas”. At least the Markham Chinese Baptist Church was honest enough to refer to him as “Rev. Darryl Weinberg” when announcing his speaking ther on March 27, 2011.

  35. Anonymous - I don't wish retribution from Darryl Weinberg Says:

    I believe that Darryl Weinberg is NOT qualified to be called a rabbi.
    Rather he is a christian baptist preacher whose self-admitted purpose is to convert Jews to Christianity because, he says, Jews have “spiritual poverty”. He is more than welcome to be a baptist preacher and more power to him. But to masquerade as a rabbi, as he does, is dishonest and deceitful. He uses the Torah, Jewish teaching and practices as a cloak to hid his true purpose because, as he says, “It’s like being a missionary overseas”. At least the Markham Chinese Baptist Church was honest enough to refer to him as “Rev. Darryl Weinberg” when announcing his speaking ther on March 27, 2011.

  36. Jena Says:

    If I will go to hell of not accepting your Lord, than I will surely go. At least I won’t see disgusting liars like you there you say.

  37. Chuck Rittgers Says:

    I remember hearing Michael Esses when He came to our CHurch to teach the Bible we bought his tapes because we did not know much. We liked him but I always thought he was interested in money. I am not surprised to read this about him. I am sorry that this this came out about him. I have always thought that I could witness to a Jew that was willing to listen to my point of view. I believe Jesus is the son of God and that He died for my sins and all the rest of humanity. He is with the Father and He is coming again

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