Creationist Superfraud: Harun Yahya

Okay, let me start by mentioning that Harun Yahya’s real name is Adnan Oktar a.k.a Adnan Hoca. He was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1956 and is the leading Muslim creationist in the world.

His most well-known book is Evolution Deceit, a copy of which I own and it is mostly a rehashing of old creationist arguments with an Islamic tone added to them. Copies of his latest work, The Atlas of Creation were distributed to teachers and scientists in Europe and the United States.

Oktar is the head of the Foundation for Scientific Research (Bilim Arastirma Vakfi, or BAV) which originally adopted its arguments from young-earth creationist organizations in the United States, but discarded claims about a young Earth and a global flood which are not vouched for by the Qur’an or in Islamic tradition (the Sunnah). As such, BAV showed a degree of sympathy for “intelligent design” creationism instead, employing catchphrases like “irreducible complexity” and using the phrase “intelligent design” as equivalent with “creation.” Later, however, Oktar denounced “intelligent design” as not being Islamic enough.

Oktar got his start as an author in 1986 by publishing  Judaism and Freemasonry. After this, he was arrested and imprisoned, eventually being transferred to a mental hospital (I wonder why?) and was released after 19 months. Naturally, Oktar claims that the Freemasons were behind the whole thing.

Later, in 1996, his organization published The Holocaust Lie, crediting the deaths of “a few Jews” to a typhoid epidemic that occurred near the end of the war, which is one of the lies that Holocaust deniers like to use. A strongly-worded criticism of this book by a Turkish painter and intellectual, Bedri Baykam, published in the Turkish paper, Black and White, was responded by Oktar to with a lawsuit alleging that Mr Baykam had committed slander. The suit was withdrawn a few months after Oktar was revealed as the author by Mr Baykam.

Since then, Oktar has backed-off his anti-semitic tirades and has embraced, at least publicly, inter-religious dialogue, except in the case of Buddhists, which I will explain later.

In 1998, Oktar began his campaign against “Darwinism” by attacking Turkish academics who taught evolution. Teachers were harassed, threatened and slandered in fliers that branded them as communists. Six of the professors eventually sued and won a large settlement.

Oktar also doesn’t like Buddhism, asserting that Buddhism is  a false religion built upon idolatry and falsehood. He calls Buddhist rituals “meaningless” and “empty”. Interesting that he picks on a religion that has a long history of not trying to forcibly convert everyone around them at either the point of a sword or the barrel of a gun, blowup school buses, take hostages or similar acts of religiously-inspired violence.

Oktar has become well-known for using bullying tactics in order to silence anyone who speaks-out against him.

In September 2008, a Turkish court banned Internet users in Turkey from viewing the official Richard Dawkins Web site after Oktar claimed its contents were defamatory, blasphemous and insulting religion, arguing that his personality was violated by this site. In response, Dawkins posted a Turkish translation of his “Venomous Snakes, Slippery Eels and Harun Yahya” article  on his website. Then one week later a complaint by Oktar led to the banning of the internet site of the Union of Education and Scientific Workers as a reaction to the Union’s uncomplimentary press release about Adnan Oktar’s Creation Atlas.This was followed in October by a block of the country’s third-biggest newspaper site, Vatan.

Furthermore, no one in Turkey will be able to read this blog without using a proxy, as Oktar had successfully petitioned a Turkish court to block access to WordPress after a blog critical of him was posted there and WordPress refused to take it down. You can read WordPress’ blog post on the topic.


Well, I have this to say to you and your client, Mr Kerim Kalkan and Atty. Ceyhun Gökdoğan: screw you and screw the ugly horse you rode in on! You might be satisfied living in a country that’s a dictatorship where free speech exists in name only. But, here in the USA, we actually have free speech. As such, I am free to tell you, your law partners, your client, your clients’ friends, your friends, your pets and everyone else associated with you and them to go straight to Hell!

There. I am now assured that I will never be allowed to travel to Turkey. But, that’s okay. After all, I have the pleasure of knowing that Oktar is going to be grabbing his ankles for the next few years in a Turkish prison after being recently sentenced to prison by a Turkish court for running an illegal organization for the purposes of personal gain. Sucks to be him, am I right?

In September 1999 Adnan Oktar was arrested following multiple scandals and further allegations. In that court case, Oktar was charged with using threats for personal benefit and creating an organization with the intent to commit a crime. One complainant, a fashion model named Ebru Simsek claimed she was blackmailed and then slandered as a “prostitute” in fax messages sent to hundreds of different newspapers, TV channels, major business companies, foreign consulates and government offices for refusing to have sex with Adnan Oktar. Having seen a picture of Ebru and a picture of Oktar, I cannot fathom why Oktar would even think that a woman that looks her that would ever even think about having sex with somebody that looks like him. A woman has to have some standards, right? Besides, since Oktar claims to be such a devout Muslim, doesn’t the Qur’an forbid having sex with a woman that you’re not married to? And how the hell does this pious servant of Allah manage to live in an opulent mansion? Didn’t theprophet Muhummad himself willingly live in poverty and eschewed personal extravagance of any kind?

Hey, what’s the Turkish word for “hypocrite”?

So, the judicial process lasted over two years, during which most of the complainants’ retracted their claims, repportedly because of threats or bribes from SRF members. As a result most of the cases against Oktar and SRF members were dismissed, with only two members receiving jail sentences for a year each.

According to the indictment of the prosecutor’s office, cited by the daily Cumhuriyet, Oktar’s organisation used its female members to attract young scholars from rich families, with the promise of sex in exchange for attending events. Should one of these female members attempt to leave the group, they were threatened with the release of the tapes.

Oh, my FRAKKING G-d!

Okay, what’s the Turkish words for “sexual slavery” and “blackmail”?

Amidst ambiguous circumstances all charges were dropped by that court only to be picked by another court eight years later. In 2008 Oktar was finally convicted for a variety of crimes including engaging in criminal threats. On May 2008 Oktar and seventeen other members of his organisation were sentenced to three years in prison. Oktar intends to appeal these charges.

Yeah. Harun Yahya would like to have some sex, just not the kind availble in a Turkish prison.


Kent Hovind, Ted Haggard and, now, Harun Yahya. Is there something about creationism in-general, that attracts people like these total scumbags?



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11 Responses to “Creationist Superfraud: Harun Yahya”

  1. IllusionSector Says:

    Haha! Put those bigoted motormouth fraudsters in cages, where they belong!

  2. saya Says:

    keep your smeel mouth,
    if you dare to debate with me, I will serve faithfully!
    are you ready…..?

  3. spyderblog Says:

    WTF is a “smeel mouth? and what do you mean by “keeping it”?

    You’re an idiot.

  4. luis figo Says:

    I am from TURKEY this man and his supporter are higly idiots !!! he is very stupid , evolution is a real and magical theory …

  5. dausayi Says:

    I always know Humanist disguised as truth seekers would always hate the work of Adnan Oktar as it will expose their true atheist identity

  6. spyderblog Says:

    Since Oktar pressured the Turkish government to block WordPress from being viewed in Turkey, isn’t it odd how some of his brainwashed and unwashed minions still find this little blog?

  7. M Khan Says:

    Strangely unknown to Haroon Yahya many Islamic scholars have shown that Quran clearly supports evolution as the way God created life. However Mr Yahya sho calls himself modernist is bent upon following christian creationism.

  8. annonymous Says:

    evolution is a theory only – a big fat lie, any one with any brains, will use thier intellect, reasoning, logic, rational, common sense to understand that charles darwin was lost in his brain and cam out with only lies, lies and more.

    look people just contemplate and look around you, and open your minds up a bit and stop with this evolution lie because its only a fabrication, a man made theory of a man that has no knowledge of reality.

    islam is the one and true religion and gives you answers to life and how it should be really lived. if you want success, happiness, peace, contempt of mind , soul and heart accept islam. islam is the best way of life and most logical religion.

    if you want to learn the truth, look at islam, its your birth right to know what islam teaches……………………..peace

  9. Seda Simsek Says:

    dausayi Says:

    19 October 2009 at 14:24
    I always know Humanist TRUTH seekers would always hate the work of Adnan Oktar as it will expose their TRUE atheist identity.

    There dausayi, fixed it for you.
    Adnan Oktar’s so called works are a very good reason to abandon islam and any other religion. After all, who wants to be a laughing stock that believes Oktar’s pseudoscience, when we have observed evolution in action (Richard Lenski et al)?

  10. aziatican Says:

    i have read the evolution deceit and that was a great work of art,the truth hurts,reality stinks, and most people can not except the truth ,that is why the almighty creator said he will fill hell with men and jinn!!! because that most are” WRONG”end of story.truth stands out like the sun, and can not be stained, only false hood need be explained to ad to it because it is watered down. in the end the truth will be revield,and their will be a lot of sick people.

  11. sdfsdfdsf Says:

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