Health Food Scam: Colloidal Silver

The topic that I want to address today are health care scams and I’m going to start with Colloidal Silver, which you will sometimes see advertised in Alternative Health newspapers and magazines or on some radio shows that cater to that crowd.

You may not have even heard about colloidal silver until now, but that’s not unusual. Basically, it is microscopic particles of silver suspended in a solution. The broader commercial definition of colloidal silver includes products that contain various concentrations of ionic silver, silver colloids, ionic silver compounds or silver proteins in purified water. Colloidal silver with concentrations of 30 parts per million (ppm) or less are typically manufactured using an electrolysis process, whereas colloidal silver with higher concentrations of 50 ppm or more are usually either silver compounds such as silver chloride and silver iodide or are solutions that have been bound with a protein to disperse the particles.

With me, so far? Okay, sorry if it got a bit complicated there.

Anyway, silver had been used as an antibacterial treatment in the days before antibiotics, such as penicillin, were developed and the processes for making them was perfected. Colloidal silver and other treatments that used silver, were, for the most part, abandoned at the advent of modern antibiotics. Colloidal silver works by inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria, essentially starving bacteria to death. Sounds good, so far, right? So, you may be wondering why doctors stopped using it, if it worked so well, in favor of using antibiotics.

Now, people in the Alternative Health Industry will tell you that colloidal silver is the victim of a conspiracy by the pharmaceutical companies. The drug corporations suppressed the making and use of colloidal silver, so that they could make their millions selling antibiotics to the medical community. Anyway, that’s the story they like to tell. “It’s a conspiracy!” Yeah, it always is.

Colloidal silver’s proponents will often leave-out the reason why it’s no longer in use by doctors: silver can build-up in your body, make you sick and even kill you. There is a report available online of a 71 year old man who died after taking colloidal silver orally for four months. Here is an excerpt of the report:

“Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada. The authors report a case of a 71-year-old man who developed myoclonic status epilepticus and coma after daily ingestion of colloidal silver for 4 months resulting in high levels of silver in plasma, erythrocytes, and CSF. Despite plasmapheresis, he remained in a persistent vegetative state until his death 5.5 months later. Silver products can cause irreversible neurologic toxicity associated with poor outcome.”.

One of the most obvious signs of silver-poisoning is that your skin turns a blueish color. Oh, by the way, this change of color is usually permanent. This condition is called Argyria.

There is a Libertarian Party politician in Montana, named Stan Jones, who took homemade colloidal silver, out of fear that the Year 2000 “problem” that had panic-stricken dupes predicting the end of the modern world as we know it, would make modern antibiotics unavailable. So, he self-medicated himself with colloidal silver and it made his skin turn a blue-gray. Here’s a picture I found of him on the Internet. I swear I didn’t doctor it:
Stan Jones

Another guy, Paul Karason, took colloidal silver over the course of a decade and it made his skin turn purplish-blue. He was taking it orally and rubbing it into his skin as a treatment for dermatitis. Despite his current skin color – argyria also stains the internal organs, by the way – he still touts colloidal silver for its “great benefits” for sinus, arthritis and acid reflux. He moved from Oregon to Madera, CA in the hopes of finding greater community acceptance. He describes himself as a recluse, of sorts. I’m looking forward to him and all the other disciples of colloidal silver selling “Blue Power” t-shirts, buttons and bumper stickers on CafePress. Eventually, a lot of them are going to have a common skin color, if they keep it up. Here’s a picture of Paul, whose skin is an even darker shade of blue that Mr Jones
Paul Karason

Argyria has also been observed in people who work with silver or silver compounds, so it didn’t just happen when people started taking colloidal silver. The effect of ingesting silver was already well-known beforehand, so there is no excuse for not knowing about it. Studies in rats also show that drinking water containing very large amounts of silver (9.8 grams of silver per U.S. gallon water or 2.6 grams per liter) is likely to be life-threatening.

So, silver, while being very pretty and somewhat valuable, isn’t good for you to eat, drink or breath-in. ‘Nuff said.

So, why is colloidal silver still attracting people? Seriously, if the stuff  has been shown to cause brain damage, seizures, and death or a persistent vegetative state., or even if it just turns your skin and internal organs a blueish color, why do people still use it? Well, there are some angles involved and I’ll do my best to impart some Truth.

First, you have the very real history of colloidal silver’s use as an antibacterial. Nothing works for selling a product like it actually having happened. They just leave out the reasons it was discontinued.

Second, you’ve got the Conspiracy Angle. A conspiracy is always blamed for why a particular product isn’t in-use by doctors. The conspiracy claimed is that Pharmaceutical companies are conspiring with doctors to suppress the use and even the knowledge of colloidal silver in the hopes of cashing-in on selling their antibiotics. I’ve even seen machines being sold in some publications that allow people to make their own colloidal silver. I don’t think they mention the argyria thing, though, or the guy who died from taking it. Essentially, what the multi-level marketers (them, again) tell their customers is that they are “taking control of their own health” by using colloidal silver, instead of having their doctor prescribe antibiotics. Naturally, the MLMs are making money, but they will tell you that their doing it to help you live healthier and longer, not to make money. Sure.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has declared that colloidal silver cannot be marketed as a drug, since all drugs must be approved through a rigorous government-sanctioned procedure. So, MLMs market it as a “supplement” to get-around that law. Supplements don’t have to acquire government approval.

I’m not saying that antibiotics always work or that they are perfect. Every drug, every herb, every food will affect somebody in a negative way. That’s not a conspiracy. That’s Life.

One reason why some antibiotics stop working is the natural course of evolution even applies to bacteria. When people don’t take their prescription antibiotics for the length of time their doctors tell them, the bacteria can evolve to resist antibiotics. This requires stronger antibiotics. In some cases, there are some bacteria that can resist all but the strongest of antibiotics and this is partly because the bacteria has been allowed to evolve, instead of people following their doctors’ advice and letting the antibiotics kill it completely.

You see, doctors go to medical school and they know more about medicine than some guy selling some product through a newspaper ad.

Eventually, some multi-level marketer is going to send me a complaint that I am costing them money by publishing these blogs. They might claim that I am an agent of the pharmaceutical companies, the medical industry or some other such nonsense.

The only loyalty I have is to the Truth and if the MLMs can’t handle the Truth, that is not my problem. It’s theirs.



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  2. Tony Isaacs Says:

    What YOU and most of the mainstream media conveniently fail to report is that Paul Karason took homemade colloidal silver which he contaminated with salt and drank over a quart a day for years. Despite that, he was given a clean bill of health from Mount Sinai hospital after he had a checkup at the request of the Today Show he appeared on.

    Likely no one has consumed more silver, even in the wrong form, than Karason and despite his cosmetic skin condition his clean bill of health stands as a stark refutation to the charges that silver causes harm.

    The fact is that tens of millions of people around the world use colloidal silver and yet there are precious few reports of any harm and the blue skin condition known as Argyria is quite rare. In virtually every instance where it is found the cause can be traced to heavy injestion of a product that is not true colloidal silver.

    What you also conveniently fail to mention is that properly prescribed and administered mainstream drugs, including antibiotics, kill as many as 120,000 people each year by the admission of the American Medical Association.

    The main reason that silver fell out of favor was the advent of antibiotics which were patentable and thus much more highly profitable. Likewise, the main reason that colloidal silver is targeted by the trillion dollar a year world pharma empire, mainstream medicine and the media and agencies beholden to them is the threat it represents to the billions of dollars of profits they make from those antibiotics and treatment of conditions colloidal silver remedies.

    Calling it a conspiracy would not be inaccurate.

    For more information about the truth about colloidal silver and how mainstream medicine has suppressed alernative and natural healing, see:

    “Colloidal Silver Has Mainstream Medicine Singling the Blues”

    “Healthcare for Dummies – or How the Rich Got Richer and the Sick Got Sicker”

  3. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:

    First, I would like to know where you got the information that “tens of millions” of people use colloidal silver.

    Second, I have located published reports from websites, like PubMed that give examples of people who suffer from argyria, due to their use of this product. I could have listed the links tof those reports, but decided not to, since I believe my point had been made.

    Interesting how the link for the Natural News that you included in your comment also includes ads where people can buy a product to make their own colloidal silver.

    It is my belief that people who tout colloidal silver have seen the money that pharmaceutical companies make and simply want a share of it. They are NOT doing this because they want to help people.

  4. Tony Isaacs Says:

    The tens of millions figure comes from estimates of those in the top colloidal and ionic silver companies that I am familiar with. Maybe it is merely millions? Still, where are all the smurfs and where is evidence of all the harm?

    There are a grand total of 16 mentions of colloidal silver and argyria in all the voluminous PubMed references. Feel free to post them. When you remove the homemade ionic silver and the colloidal silver protein that is not really colloidal silver, then you end up with only a handful that might be colloidal silver.

    When I have bothered to track down rare reported incidents of Argyria due to ingestion of alleged colloidal silver I have invariably found that it turned out to be contaminated homemade ionic silver, so-called colloidal silver protein (which is particles to large to suspend without protein – and skin has an affinity for protein) or an ionic silver product with far too high ppm silver content.

    The reports at PubMed ranged from bluish fingernail cuticles to one report of death of a 71 year old man, which may or may not have been actual colloidal silver. Just for grins, do a search for “antibiotic side effect deaths”. That returns 675 reports.

    Of course Natural News had ads for colloidal silver and colloidal silver makers – the ads are Google ads, which key in on words and phrases in each article the same way Google does with my gmail account when I send and receive emails. If you went to an article about cancer, you would see ads for cancer treatments.

    Now, if you want to say that some products which are labeled as colloidal silver might be dangerous or ineffective, I might agree with you. Otherwise, it is MY belief that some people make a practice of labelling anything that is not a mainstream approved drug as quackery.

  5. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:

    “maybe merely millions”?

    Okay, sounds like you don’t know and were just guessing. With a figure of “millions” it sounds like a hopeful guess, however.

    From the tone of your comments, it sounds like you’re either a user or a seller of colloidal silver. That’s just a guess on my part.

    The reason that deaths from approved drugs are well-known is that such incidents are documented in medical records and there are very real punishments meted-out if anyone tries to cover them up.

    Quacks always have an out by simply stating that their product is simply a supplement. The problem with alternative medicine is that most of the aftereffects upon its users are not documented by anyone. Their deaths or complications to their conditions resulting from foregoing standard medical treatment in favor of quacks is merely listed by the resulting condition (e.g. cancer spreads, poisoning, etc) so the effects of quackery aren’t as well-documented, beyond certain articles. The people who sell these products sure as hell aren’t going to warn anyone about whatever side effects their product’s use might cause. That would be bad for sales and sales are all they really care about.

    If I’m cutting into some one’s pocketbook by publishing this, then that’s just too bad.

  6. Tony Isaacs Says:

    Alonzo, it’s your blog and you are going to have the last word regardless.

    Let’s take the guesswork out, shall we? If you go back to the article on Natural News again look at who the author is and then check out the author’s bio.

    You should have a field day after you kick yourself for not noticing to begin with. Or Googling my name.

    The bottom line is that colloidal silver does work and work very well and there really is very little evidence of harm from properly made and ingested true colloidal silver.

    If it did not work, why do you suppose NASA uses it to purify the astronauts drinking water? Or Potters for Peace uses it purify drinking water in third world countries?

    So by all means enjoy and don’t let the facts get in the way of your preconceived notions.

    Maybe next time we hook up you can take a look at the book I wrote about beating cancer, HIV and Hep-C with oleander. Don’t you think you could really have a field day with that?

    A word of caution: do your research well or you might be tasting a bit of egg on the old chops.

    Don’t worry about my income. A more valid worry should be the those you might harm from the benefits of colloidal silver and natural alternatives to unnatural lab created compounds by your misguided mainstream ideology.

    I’ll leave you with this thought: Exactly when was it that God became a quack?


  7. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:


    Nice try invoking NASA and claiming that they use silver to purify the drinking water.

    In fact, they use iodine, as referenced here

    “The Concern For Kids filtration and purification system was designed and manufactured by Water Security Corporation, a commercial company in Reno, Nev. The company uses the same technology developed for NASA and used on the space shuttle. The system uses iodine to purify water from streams, rivers, wells and swamps to be used as drinking water for the local population.”

    and also here:

    “During the 1970s, NASA was looking for an advanced way to purify drinking water for the Space Shuttle. The Agency partnered with Umpqua Research Company (URC), a small business in Myrtle Creek, Ore. Umpqua developed the Microbial Check Valve (MCV) cartridge to purify the Orbiter’s water supply using iodine in place of chlorine. It was so successful it has been used on every Shuttle flight.”

    That’s what happens when you take the word of people selling colloidal silver, instead of the word of NASA themselves.

    Excuse me, Tony. But the person in this exchange with “egg on the old chops” isn’t me. It’s you.

    I will forward your Helium article about your research on treating AIDS with oleander to a friend who is working in that field. I’d like his opinion on the subject.

    If you actually got the results you claim, I am surprised that you haven’t gotten the Nobel Prize for Medicine from all this, given that a revolutionary treatment as you describe would certainly save millions of lives around the world at a reasonable fiancial cost, using a readily-available plant as its source.

    Then again, the American Cancer Society strongly recommends against the use of oleander in treating cancer by anyone outside of a carefully controlled clinical trial. People have DIED from taking oleander and its effectiveness at treating cancer is ambiguous, at best.

    See the link here

    Good luck in your future endeavors.

  8. Rich Michaels Says:

    Alonzo wins. I just started trying Colloidal Silver and am reading my brains out trying to see if for once I have been proven wrong about Alternative Medicines. It is always the same crap they put out. Exaggerated claims, spurious accusations and conspiracies and Tonys argument’s fail to be any different than most of the other crap being spewed. Now I feel like a real ass by wasting $35 at the Hippy health food store. Probably the antibiotics I’m taking are a much safer and better bet. I have seen silver wraps work on my injured toes (or certainly didn’t hurt) and I understand the use of Silver in preserving water on ships traveling the high seas, bullet wounds in the wild west (allegedly), etc…, but thank God for the best health care system in the world which is not perfect, but applies 2009 ideas rather than 18th century tactics. I’m going to also check the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and other sources to continue my edification, but I probably should have used that $35 to fill my truck’s gas tank instead.

    Rich Michaels, Lansing, Michigan

  9. Rich Michaels Says:

    uh – one other note, I paid $35 a bottle for this Colloidal Silver, while Wal-Mart helps people with some very affordable pricing on a lot of drugs including antibiotics. For example, I recently got an antibiotic script filled for $4!!!! So much for that corporate, evil greed and those who hate Wal-Mart. That has been a great thing for many people on tight budgets. $4. – Rich

  10. johnstevens Says:

    Nice! Thanks to author this post

  11. mymail.johnstevens Says:

    Great article thanks

  12. Beau Says:

    Alonzo. Its a fact that CS is used to sterilize water in Mir space vehicles and the International space station. There’s perfectly credible science behind this. We are not talking about pyramids and crystals.

    Tony. Bad homemade CS is NOT ‘contaminated ionic silver suspended in protein’. (No-one makes MSP at home). Bad homemade CS is just colloidal silver made in impure water that has been ‘generated’ for too long. Put simply it causes argyria because its way too strong. Paul Karosan and Stan Jones both made that mistake. Paul Karosan continues to do so for some strange reason. (The other famous argyria victim and anti-colloidal silver campaigner, Rosemary Jacobs, actually never drank colloidal silver in her life. She took highly concentrated silver nitrate nose drops (probably around 30,000 ppm) every day for 3 or 4 years when she was about 11. Read her story and she admits this).

    Rich. You can make your own CS at home for next to nothing. If you do it right its as good or better than anything you’ll buy in a health store.

  13. Beau Says:

    The typical home user drinks about a mouthful of 20 pppm colloidal silver daily. Paul Karosan drank 2 cups a day for 13 years of bad colloidal silver made, firstly with salt, then with baking soda. It was probably about 500 to 1000 ppm. This guy overdosed big time and DELIBERATELY continues to do so. He is trying to get bluer and bluer. I think he enjoys the fame and its become something of an obsession . He’s like a guy who never has enough tatts.

  14. TJ Says:

    ‘nuf said!

  15. lynn Says:

    Bravo, Tony Issacs!

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  17. Ned Says:

    About CS,if you use only as directed 2-4 tea spoons per day its fine,but of corse if you drink a bunch of it per day is not good,even if you drink crazy amount of pure water you’ll get seek.

  18. chris Says:

    what this conversation seems to be lacking is first hand experience. i don’t know what to make of CS. i’ve read both sides.

    i think the “conspiracy” angle is quite valid. except i’d put it another way. a large industry looking after it’s interests.

    i think there is a general trend to have too much faith in modern medicine. people think its way more advanced then it is. they have adopted an attitude that science will save them. but for most people it’s really about healthy lifestyle choices.

    i don’t feel there is much to back up the toxic effects of silver. i mean, we use it in silverware, drinking pitchers, jewelry. sure anything can be toxic in huge does.

    i’m just going to try it and find out for myself. when i think of all the crap i’ve wasted money on over the years…$35 ain’t much. i really can’t remember the last time a doctor helped me and that wasn’t cheap.

  19. beatis Says:

    Colloidal silver has no health effects whatsoever. So there is no reason to accept any side effects, no matter how slight. We should we accept side effects from something that doesn’t work at all?

    The excuse that people suffer from side effects because they make their own colloidal silver is lame I think. They are only inspired to do so because of the hyped up stories by the sellers of the stuff of how wonderful it is. And they have the opportunity to make the potions themselves, the equipment is sold freely on the internet for home use. What are people expected to think then?

    Also, on many web sites, like curezone for example, people are told there is no maximum dose, they can take as much of the stuff as they want, without any problem. This can mean only two things:
    – the stuff they sell doesn’t contain any silver;
    – they are lying about possible side effects.

    Either way, it’s a scam.

  20. Beau Says:

    Is calling it a ‘scam’ fair? Think about it. The elements of a miracle cure scam usually are 1: A secret formula or process that is never revealed. 2: A special ingredient from some exotic and remote location. 3: Its incredibly expensive. 4: It has no scientific foundation. Colloidal silver has none of these elements. You can make it at home. The process is very simple and completely explained to anyone who cares to look. The ingredients are fully revealed and readily available. (A battery, a couple of silver wires and pure water). Its dirt cheap to make. You can make 25 gallons of it with $20 worth of silver wire, and theres a mountain of scientific proof that silver kills germs. (eg. laboratory tests and the extensive use of silver based antibiotic topical medicines in hospitals). The only unknown is if it produces the same results when used internally. (Tens of thousands of users think it does.). Yes it has a side effect (argyria) when used excessively, but what medicine doesn’t have side effects when its abused, and they are often much worse. Unfortunately some over-enthusiastic advocates and unscrupulous promoters have gone overboard with various unproven claims, but any reasonabe examination should show you theres a lot more to its popularity than just clever marketing.

  21. A Concerned Mom Says:

    My son’s father has gone the “Alternative Medicine” route and at first the idea seemed alright, that is, until he started to give our 1 year old son copious amounts of Colloidial Silver in his bottle, without even measuring. He swears by the stuff, and it has torn our family apart. My son has suffered two seizures and my instinct tells me it may be due to the silver and other “Alternative Medicines.” I say: BUYER BEWARE

  22. Gustav Says:

    MY mom was in terrible pain a few years back. He pancreas was close to bursting or something like. The docters wanted to operate as soons as possible. She decided to get another oppinion because she did not want to get cut.

    So this one docter offered a alternative. Try colloidal silver and a one hour session witrh some pulsating machine thing. Have no idea what it was. Anyway. That same evening the pain subsided and after three days the problem was gone. Her docter wanted to know what she did but for some reason she did’nt want to tell him. She said something like “You won’t believe me anyway.” It’s been five years.

    My uncle needed some heart surgery for blocked veins. They were causing some serious problems. He is close to seventy. He also did not want get operated and a friend told him of a old remedy. Sodium Carbonate with Gin. I’m not kidding. A week later they did some tests again and he’s fine. It’s not something you should do every day, but it helped for that problem.

    Also, when you have serious constapation, don’t try any shelve medicine. Get some raw sea salt and put two teaspoons in a glass of water. Close your nose and swallow. I had that problem a while back and worked like a charm!!

    Why am I telling you this? Well, because I think that in the right circumstances these whacky alternative medicines can actually make a difference. In our country (South Africa) good medical facilities are becoming really scarce. My parents don’t have a medical scheme – they cant afford it. So they rely on old fashion remedies. And it’s kept them from insane medical costs for years now.

    My grandma is 94 and she still has her shot of whisky and english salt every morning. That stuff is awfull!!!

    By the way, too much of anyhting can cause really serious problems. Even plastic bottled water.

  23. John P. Adams Says:

    I’m no expert on this subject, but I’ve read several hundred articles related to Colloidal Silver. It seems that some important facts about the 71 year old man who died were left out. My understanding was that he was on pharmaceutical medications that he had just come off of to start taking the colloidal silver. His reactions were consistent for anyone coming off those types of medicines too quickly. I, also, read that the FDA (which I don’t trust, entirely) claims silver to be “nontoxic”. As for the reasons that we no longer use colloidal silver, but antibiotics, I heard that silver prices went up to over $100/oz. The government was looking for a cheaper cure-all, which has not increased our health in America… We’re, now, #57 in over-all good health out of all the countries on the plant. We, still, have no cures, though other countries do. Hmmmm!

  24. Son Says:

    I grew up as a child with parents who are firm supporters of CS. The dinner table conversation was always saying about all the diseases it could cure. The most popular was it can cure Aids and it is a conspiracy that all the africans are not given access to CS etc… I do remember saying to my parents there are plenty of people not in Africa with Aids who can go buy it from a health store, if your that sick you have nothing to lose and you will try anything. But they can’t show me any proof of this other than they read it in a magazine pamplet. I have observed that they still get the same colds, runny noses, viruses etc as they did before. I have asked them this question and they have said that they have lost confidence in CS but still take it religiously. I do find it hard to accept with my observations of my parents it can not prevent the common cold so why do you hear it can cure Aids. Taking orally and how the complex body reacts could be quite different to topically or test dish in laboratory and killing ecoli etc. Are there any people out there who have been taking long term who can report no common cold etc for the last 10 years.

  25. chris Says:

    I’m old enough to remember the controversy about aluminium cooking pots. First, the makers of tinplate made all sorts of scary claims, and later the stainless steel brigade latched on to some British research (later found to have used some dreadfully contaminated tissue samples) in an attempt to prove that aluminium causes Alzheimer’s disease.
    Guess what? most of the western world has been using aluminium cooking pots since about 1945, we have been using alum as a water treatment and to stop bleeding, and even aluminium hydroxide in solution to treat indigestion.
    Despite all thwe fuss, aluminium is harmless for nearly eveverybody except in huge overdose.
    Similarly, modern antibiotics are harmless to nearly everybody under nearly all circumstances. Also, they work. There is no conspiracy, just respect for what has been proved to the three generations who have grown up since WW2.

  26. Wandile Says:

    I recently heard about CS and just wanted to find out more about the product. Verdict: I think if you want to see something wrong in a product, you will certainly find it. Wandile Ntuli RSA.

  27. Ben Says:

    No I was wrong, it was Middlemore Hospital, Auckland NZ, and he is not an idiot, it was just an idiotic thing to do.

  28. Ben Says:

    I could leave it there, but i have a story to tell, so here goes.
    I have had a skin problem most of my life.
    I am a habitual cortisone user, from dermovate, betnovate right through to oral cortisones. I have been through every essential oil going. Manuka, lavender, helichrysum, myrrh, frankincense, tea tree, tiger balm, etc etc.
    Nothing helped. Dry itchy skin that made life hell.
    Yes scabies right. Well I tried lindane and some other toxic insectiside from the chemist. Many man times.
    Wsahed my clothes in hot water for years.
    New beds, sheets clothes, flea bombs, etc etc.
    Used neem/baking soda on everything in the hope it was the silver bullet.
    Washing, floors, beds, sofas, cats, people, externally, internally.
    stopped eating sugar, rice, pasta white bread, all carbs.
    Tried vegetarianism (6 months, lost 5kg). Stopped eating vegetable oil.


    Enter colloidal silver. I covered myself in it from head to toe in it and let it dry on me for a few minutes and got dressed.
    I broke out in huge pimples all around the itchy areas on the next day, and they persisted for nearly a week and a half.
    They scabbed over, dried up, and for the first time in many years I had skin with no rash, blemish or itch under my arms, my inner elbows, inner knees, wrists and fingers.
    I had been told all the health system had was cortisone, insecticide, and antihistamine, and my best bet was a natropath.
    Ha, the natropath gave me a horrid potion with wormwood in it

    No, colloidal silver is the real deal. It saved me from absolute misery.

    I could post before and after photos if anyone is interested…

  29. johno Says:

    The thing that people keep missing about the people who take silver who turn blue is, the blue affect is because of the use of silver salts, and the use of highly contaminated silver product, home made, some people add salt to the water to raise the conductivity of the fluid, coupled with the use of non deionized sterile water. no wonder they have problems. What is needed is human trials with true cs, then we would know for sure. Johno.

  30. scott Says:

    agreed johno, but certain people will not allow that. Anyway I am a firm believer in cs, it took away warts on my fingers cleans cuts and the amount of time I have a cold for and the frequency of which I have a cold is reduced probably 75%.

  31. not helped Says:

    A lot of these comments are really not helpful to someone trying to learn about colloidal silver

    – silver salts being the reason behind the blue skin. What salts? Are you saying that the other molecules that are bonded with the Ag are causing the blue skin? Saying the salts are the reason is so vague so as not to be helpful. Ag is Ag unless you can explain the difference in the reactions.

    – use as topical cream. This does not help in the effectiveness of ingesting the colloidal silver. There are a lot of effective topical antibiotics that should not be ingested.

    – Comparing silverware and jewelry to silver ions. In a metallic-bonded form silver is not very reactive at all. Silver ions however are extremely reactive.

    – Saying it does nothing in your body. Silver ions are very reactive and will destroy bacteria. The question is not does it kill bacteria it is what else does it do. Heavy metal buildups can be fatal, so really the question is how much is too much or does it depend on other factors it really should be published.

    – they use it to purify water in some small disadvantaged country. OK, what does that mean for me? If given the choice of drinking bacteria laden water that will most assuredly make me sick and possibly die or one that has silver ions that might make me sick, bring on the silver. In a country with clean water.?.?

  32. Olga Says:

    I had Stuff infection for over a year and doctors give me strong antibiotics but it keep coming back…
    Finally I give up the doctors and when it come back again I used Colloidal Silver toppically – it started to get better the next day and ones it heals it was permanent
    What true is – if it’s used as medicine – it should be used as medicine – for 10 days like any other antibiotics treatments… Not for month or years. Imagine someone take ANY antibiotics for years – what would that do? Therefore for convinsing people it’s really not a good exaple to list someone who overdo with the use of CS – it is only his fault nothing more…

  33. Anonymous Says:

    If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is not true. I have only ever heard bad things about heavy metals in the human body. Silver is definitely a heavy metal. MSM for the internet, is different for the people who watch TV. On the internet they attack us in more “covert” ways. Conspiracy theories.
    When the product fails they can all point and laugh about it, throw the story back in with all the other conspiracy theories (of which some are true)
    Silver has always been a precious commodity.I studied history, was always fascinated by old medicine. Silver I had never heard of being used as a medicine until recently. I thought silver was just in the name of the product. Being the main ingredient of the product just makes my head spin. How in the devil can a heavy metal be used to treat an illness in a living creature? That is ludicrous!
    If you want to cure your ailments with this stuff.. do yourself a favor. Skip the slower killing silver, go straight for mercury. At least you wont look like a dead papa smurf for your funeral.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Comparing silver to mercury shows your level of intelligence and invalidates everything you have to say.

  35. ADAM Says:

    I guess US PATENT # 7,135,195 doesnt work???? and that looks like a colloidal silver to me???

  36. Anonymous Says:

    What I found that really works of skin infections is castor oil.

  37. Anonymous Says:

    That guy looks like papa smurf!
    If alternative medicine worked, it would just be called medicine. My two run ins with crackpots, led me to a chiropracter who completely screwed up what was a slipped disc, and a naturopath who gave me all sorts of rubbish for my extreme general malaise that ended up being a pregnancy. Give me my immunisations and a guy with 7 year degree over a crystal and some dumbass with a certificate in herbs.

  38. dan Says:

    i think curad makes a antimicrobial gel with silver in it… i can understand being wary of network-pyramid marketers and snake oil salesmen… the hard part is not letting scammers over-hype.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    Good post. I’m dealing with some of these issues as well..

  40. Anonymous Says:

    Alonzo seems to be the most knowledgeable out of everyone and he shares the source of his argument. Two thumbs up to alonz

  41. Anonymous Says:


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