Christians to the World: “The Rules Apply to You, Not Us!”

There’s some idiot out there who goes by the name of Shockawenow. He had a YouTube account awhile ago, until it got deleted by YT admins.

Here’s why:

Anyway, the general theory – actually, it’s not a theory, it’s YouTube’s Terms of Frakking Service – is that, if you have an account and YouTube cancels it, then you may not have a second one. It’s One Strike and you’re out.

But, Shockawenow decided that the Rules just don’t apply to him, you see? So, the little bastard opened a second account, which also got deleted.

Needless to say, if you get #1 deleted by YouTube and you open #2 and that gets deleted, you shouldn’t be allowed to go for #3 or even #4. Right?

Wrong, my cuddly readermonkeys. Old Shockawenow opened a third and fourth account! Now, every account from #2 on was opened in full and knowing violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service. But, Shock doesn’t think that he has to obey the Laws of Men, since he is a Warrior for Christ and can do whatever he frakking wants.

See, he blames a secret cabal of wiccans, pagans and radical homosexuals for his accounts getting deleted. Now, this might make him feel better, but YouTube isn’t going to delete an account just because some girl who prays to the Mother Goddess is upset over a channel. No, while Wiccans can believe whateverthefrakk they want, they ain’t got a whole lotta pull on YouTube or anywhere else.

Oh, great. Now I’ve made the Great Horned God mad at me, but I think I’ll be okay. At least until my genitals shrivel-up and my face breaks-out in severe acne again. All those years going  through puberty and I’ll be right back where I started. Oh, boothefrakkhoo. I am so (not) scared.

But, you can believe anything you want and if a video looks like it violates YouTube’s TOS, then feel free to report it. Pagans, Wiccans and whoever else has that right, as would any YT user have the right to contest a pulldown of their video from their channel.

But, what makes me so pig-biting mad is that you have a number of YouTubers, mostly Christians, who think that Rules are for everyone else but them. If somebody with an opposing view steps out of line, they’d report them. But, when they step out of line, it’s supposed to be okay, because they’re doing it for Jesus.

Honestly, if Shock’s two new channels get shutdown, I doubt if he’d learn his lesson and move on. I think he’ll go for #5 and blame the four previous shutdown on Pagans, Wiccans, gays, atheists, the new world order or something like that.

In light of such occurances, as well as previous examples given in previous blogs here, of Christian and creationist misbehavior, I am left wondering how they expect the rest of us nonbeliever to take them or their message seriously.

Some (but, not all or even most) Christians need to grow the frakk up!



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2 Responses to “Christians to the World: “The Rules Apply to You, Not Us!””

  1. olivia butternickel Says:

    Why does it upset you so much that you have to talk about it? You have so much hatred within your heart… I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  2. Alonzo Kaupfmann Says:

    It “upsets me” because it is clearly hypocritical, you idiot!

    Let’s say a Wiccan or a gay person had a YouTube account and got banned from youTube, ony to open a second, third and FOURTH account, using their account to criticize Christians. People like Shockawenow would be all over it, trying to report that person to YouTube and get all their new accounts deleted.

    But, because it’s a Christian doing it, Christians don’t seem to mind the fact that one of their own is blatantly violating YouTube’s terms of Service.

    Christians don’t have any objections to reporting people they don’t like or trying to silence their critics. But, let some one on the other side do the same thing and Christians cry like little babies over being “persecuted”.

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