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I don’t know how many times I’ve read a movie review in the newspaper or seen one on TV, gone to the movie and hated it, even though the reviewer loved it. Sometimes they got it right. Sometimes not. Of course, I always knew that they did it for a living, with their network or newspaper paying them to review movies.

For the most honest opinions, I’d simply ask my friends how they liked the film and usually go by that. If they liked the film, I’d go see it. If not, I’d usually wait until it came out on video.

With YouTube, I found several people who opened channels where they would review films. I found that their opinions were the most trustworthy, since they weren’t beholden to any corporate body, being just regular people who like going to movies.

To be credible, they must have a thorough background knowledge of actors, producers and directors which gives them added information in reviewing a film. If a director or producer has a good track record, the movie is more likely to be a good one. The same is true if they have a bad or lukewarm track record. An informed review is better than simply having some guy with a cam sitting in front of his computer on a ten-minute rant. The sound quality and production of their videos are uniformly good and I recommend linking to them and checking-out their reviews before you go see your next film.

The most popular, with 20,000+ subscribers is Mr Black’s Movie Reviews. He once had a long list of reviews on YouTube, until some one filed DMCA claims against him. I’m not sure if he contested them or not, but he never used actual clips from the films, just the trailers. Such use would easily fall under the Fair Use section of the DMCA which allows use of clips for the purposes of commentary, such as a movie review.

He branched-out with a second channel in order to comment on social issues, keeping it seperate from his movie channel. I subscribed to that one also, but won’t link it here, as it has nothing to do with movies.

Unfortunately, Mr Black took a long hiatus from YouTube for personal reasons and he had people (including myself) scared to death that something had happened to him. After contacting him direclty, he replied that he was soon to return and begin reviewing movies again.

Mr Black’s “reviewer voice” is straightforward and his diction is good. His reviews and knowledge of movies are the result of long years of watching and collecting movies. He once posted a video displaying his collection of DVDs and the sheer number of them is staggering!

Until he does come back to YouTube on a regular basis, his reviews are missed and I hope for his impending return.

I have to admit that I was once totally reliant upon Mr Black review films for me. If he hadn’t reviewed it, I would stay away from the film unless friends of mine had seen and liked it. That was until another channel opened-up and that channel is Fury of the Film Fan.

With slightly over 2000 subscribers, Fury (as he often calls himself and his fanbase refers to him) has as extensive knowledge of movies as does Mr Black. The number of reviews has grown over past months and I became utterly reliant upon his reviews, as I had with Mr Black.

Fury does take a stand when he has gone to see a film that he feels insults the audience’s intelligence. “Meet the Spartans” was a review he excoriated in his review, much to the outrage of the film’s fanbase. Likewise, he also trashed “Disaster Movie” for its utter stupidity. After the abuse he took for his “Meet the Spartans” review, most people might back-off giving a negative review of a film like that again. Not so with Fury. If he feels that a director or producer has taken the easy route and released a film that is subpar, he will take a stand and state that the movie-going audience deserves better and the fact is that we do.  There are no Sacred Cows on this channel.

Fury has also involved his wife in making videos and he has talked about seeing movies with his wife and son. He bridges the distance between himself and you by letting us know a bit about himself, without giving too much away, which is always a good idea, due to the abusive crazies who haunt the Internet.

Fury is likeable, personable and usually responds to emails that I have sent to him. He does care about his subscribers and that’s always a plus. You will seldom see a movie reviewer that works for a TV network or newspaper that spends any time responding to letters from a reader or viewer. I am surprised at his low number of subscribers and the low view counts on his videos, as he is a top-notch reviewer who I think could actually do this sort of thing professionally and I have told him so.

Still another channel devoted to movies is Chuck the Movie Guy who doesn’t really do that many reviews of movies and most of his videos are actually interviews of actors. His videos look like they were taken right off a television newscast. It’s a good channel if you like seeing stars interviewed, not so good for reviews, though. He is a little shy of 9000 subscribers, which is a respectable number and there is an opening for channels which concentrate on interviewing movie stars. I give him points for the quality of his videos and his ability to nail-down famous people for interviews.

Probably the most original review channel is Spill.Com which is actually done as a cartoon! They have over 11,500 subscribers.

The reviewers provide the voices for their respective cartoon representations and it sounds like a group of friends who get together to review films. A good channel and I almost always agree with their assesments. However, I do prefer to have a single voice for my reviewer and having several people all reviewing a movie took a bit of getting used-to. But, it is an entertaining channel.

Another channel with a similar format is Blunty3000 which has four guys sitting at a table talking about movies. With 51,485 subscribers, they have even more subscribers than Mr Black, but the channel isn’t exclusively for movie reviews. They also talk about video games, do interviews and talk about the latest tech toys out on the market. Not a strictly movie review channel, but a good all-around spot to catch-up on news about interesting things.

Another channel is The Don and Murph show which stars two guys and they do seem to have a story that they act-out in the review, but I just can’t get past how irritating their voices are. They have almost 7700 subscribers, but I can’t count myself among them.

They used to do quite a number of movie reviews, but lately have been posting videos not related to films. It’s not a horrible channel, but it isn’t one I plan to subscribe to anytime soon.

So, my three favorite movie review channels on YouTube are:

  1. Fury of the Film Fan
  2. Spill.Com
  3. Mr Black’s Movie Reviews

There is no order of preference here, as they are all good reviewers. On a personal level, I like Fury the best.

Just my opinions.



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