The New World Order is Taking Over!

No, not taking over the world, you idiot. It’s taking over the Internet.

I’m frakking serious, too!

Going on to YouTube, you’ll find all kinds of retarded crap telling you about some secret conspiracy that’s going to enslave us all and we’ll be forced to breed with aliens, have their babies and become Wiccans or some other dumb thing.

Now, the New World Order is supposed to be a secret conspiracy, right?

Okay, if it’s such a secret, how come so many people are talking about it, hmm? If it’s a secret, well, they’re not doing such a great job at keeping their little secret, are they? If they can’t keep it a secret and so many people know about it, it isn’t much of a conspiracy, is it?

Now, there are, what appears to be, dozens of people posting videos talking about the New World Order. I’ve watched “Zeitgeist” and numerous videos posted by 9/11 Truthers and I am still not convinced of their positions. This is on top of all the other video tapes, books, recorded lectures on tape/CD/DV/whatever and probably hundred of websites that “expose” the New World Order!

For something to be a conspiracy, it would be better if very few people knew about it. But, the New World Order seems to have more videos posted about it than any other topic on YouTube and you can’t be on the Internet for more than a couple of days without running into a New World Order website.

Now, that’s one hell of a conspiracy, with everyone knowing about the frakking thing! It’s probably the worst kept “secret” in the history of the human frakking race!

Let me be brutally honest here: the New World Order is big business. By that, I’m not talking about the Bildebergers, Rothchilds, etc.

I’m talking about all those people who make and sell the books, videos, tapes, CDs, etc. I’m talking about all those people who travel around the country getting paid big money to lecture audiences.

The basic reality is that there are some people who would rather believe that there is some conspiracy out there that is responsible for all the evil in the world rather than accepting that the world is run by humans and that human are more interested in getting what they want for themselves, rather than considering what other people want and how other people feel.

Take for example the laws we have in the USA to protect the environment. The oil, coal and timber corporations fought those laws tooth and nail. Not because the laws were wrong, but because adhering to those laws would cut into their profit margins. Never mind what the scientific studies said about how those industries were impacting the environment, they would lose money and that’s all they cared about.

When the Surgeon General report came out about the dangers of smoking, the tobacco industry launched their own campaign to discredit it. It didn’t matter to them that people were getting cancer and other respiratory diseases from smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Fewer people smoking or chewing tobacco means less money for the tobacco companies and tht’s all they cared about.

In the world we live in, there are multi-billion dollar corporations, all trying to make the most amount of money for the least amout of effort and expense. Governments, large and small, pursue their own agendas, often at the expense of their people and the people of other countries. The British Empire and the British East India Company exploited the hell out of India and China, which resulted in civil unrest and grinding poverty in those countries which continues to this day. Do you think that they stopped to worry about how their policies and activities would shape the course of the world’s future? of course not! They were worried about the Here & Now and the future be damned.

The New World Order-types want us all to believe that everything in the world is controlled by a small group of individuals and corporations, when, in fact, we are awash in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of competing groups all vying to political and economic dominance.

Like fish in the ocean, there are millions of fish swimming around, but you also have big sharks out there too. A shark may come after you, but that shark also has to worry about another shark or group of sharks getting him. You also have the smaller, but still deadly predators, like baracuddas which are competing against each other while trying to avoid being eaten by the larger fish.

That’s really how the world works.

But the New World Order’s True Believers want us to all believe in this single entity that is out to dominate the world and all the people. It’s responsible for all the wars and economic problems. Almost godlike in its power, you’re left to wonder how it could possibly be stopped.

And there is the root of the problem here: you can tell evryone you know about the New World Order. You can get a few of them to believe that what you are seeing is true. But, then you may run into a question you could have a hard time answering: how can the New World Order be stopped?

There it is, the magic question. I feel that this is a question that could never be answered in any way that is meaningful.

To hear the True Believers tell it, the New World Order has been around for centuries. The Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Rothchilds, Bildebergers, etc. They’ve started wars, made nations rise and fall, caused the Great Depression, assasinated Presidents and all kinds of evil things, right?

These people have trillions of dollars and armies at their disposal. They can cause the economic collapse of the United States, if they want.

So, what is John Q. Citizen going to do about it?

It doesn’t seem like there would be a lot that you could do, really. Yeah, you can tell everyone you know, shout it from the rooftops, wear tinfoil hats and stock your log cabin with guns. But, that really wouldn’t do much to stop the Rothchilds from taking over, would it?

Supposedly, they have all the money they need to control the United States government and buy-off every elected official. So, they could get whatever they want in that direction. They control the United Nations – which they are also blamed for originating, in the first place – so that’s out.

They control the food supply and the energy industry and they control the money supply.

So, what’s left? We all go out and live in the wilderness, hunt and fish and live like the Native Americans?

Seriously, what are we supposed to do to stop the New World Order?

Judging by all the power the True Believers claim the New World Order has, it would seem impossible and they don’t seem to be too worried about all those people going out and warning everybody about their diabolical plots.

So, either the New World Order is so powerful that they cannot be stopped and they know they can’t be stopped, so they don’t try to stp anyone from going out and warning everyone about them since they cannot be stopped; or there is no secret, unified World Conspiracy to worry about and the world simply runs as I said before: a large ocean with fish of various sizes, all compteting with each other and occasionally devouring each other and they all fight to survive and dominate.

I’m not saying that the True Believers should stop talking. Afer all, they have the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press (you’d think the New World Order would have done something about that by now, being in the World Domination business for millenia and everything) and sometimes it can be very entertaining. Heck, I actually liked watching Zeitgeist and I may watch it again, just for entertainment purposes.

Still, all this talk of a World Conspiracy is pretty lame, especially if any of your audience is astute enough to ask how it/they could be stopped.

But, as I said, keep going guys and gals. After all, somebody’s livelihood is depending on selling all those books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and going out on the paid lecture circuit.

Otherwise, they might have to go out there and get a real job.



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3 Responses to “The New World Order is Taking Over!”

  1. Neoteric Medema Says:

    Does this make any sense?


    FEAR sucks LOVE, blown GRACE United.
    On winged agape, word became flesh, bearer of grace in storge.
    Cleanliness sullied Soul, sapped Warmth of Living, of Breathing, of Truth beyond Beauty.
    Disintegrated Soul, destabilized child, awkward redlander legionary.
    Bitter whine affected, haute value of ubuntu with, Grace, Action influenced peddling.
    Cops don’t kiss xenos, their butt is felty.
    Warm, Lips, Embrace, humble prose with Grace.
    Word became fleshy und bears an image of Grace.
    Concerted action hinged on spine, warmth conducted Love with Grace not Drugs.
    Shalom Tikkun Grace. Maslaha, Ahimsa, Buddha.

    Eric M. I feel like I’m falling off the face of the earth. I just want to thank you for all of the things you’ve done. I feel like a warm prairie breeze.

  2. Conspirama Says:

    The New World Order is Taking Over! « RANTS & RAVES…

    Now, there are, what appears to be, dozens of people posting videos talking about the New World Order. I’ve watched “Zeitgeist” and numerous videos posted by 9/11 Truthers and I am still not convinced of their positions. ……

  3. Terry Conspiracy Says:

    I have looked into it & confirmed that the Old World money, royalty, the Vatican, the Rothschilds, Have not lost their grip on the New World. They still own everything.

    The Rothschilds control the Federal Reserve, they have since December 23, 1913. They are orchestrating the present global financial crisis for their own personal benefit.

    I have investigated & I say there is merit to the claims of a NWO.

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