Creation Science and Christian Hypocrisy

Let me start-off by stating that you can believe whatever you want.

I don’t care if you believe that G-d made the universe in six days or if aliens deposited the building blocks of life on Earth during the days of the Primordial Soup or whatever your religion or drug-induced delusion allows you to think. Be my guess. I don’t care.

Really, I don’t.

But, I’ve got a serious frakking problem when religious nutcases decide that their religious beliefs should be taught in our public school system as “Creation Science”, also known as “Intelligent Design”.

Despite what a lot of its detractors say, there is a difference between Creation Science and Intelligent Design.

Creation Science bluntly states that the Judeo-Christian G-d created the heavens and the Earth in six days, as related in the Book of Genesis. Intelligent design states that some “intelligent creator” did that, without actually naming the creator. A small difference, but it’s there.

One is unabashedly religious, while the other tries to hide its religiosity by not mentioning that Creator. Of course, anyone can figure-out Who that Creator or Higher Intelligence is supposed to be. Nobody is that stupid.

Teaching evolution in the public school system relies entirely upon the most recent scientific findings, without venturing into philosophical or religious interpretations, if any. Teaching evolution makes the most scientific sense since it is pure science. You can’t teach Creationism without venturing into religious statements of belief, since it relies purely on religious texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago by unknown authors.

And don’t give me any of that dreck about G-d writing it. He didn’t sign his name to the damned things, so forget about trying to convince me of it. Like I said: believe what you want. Just leave me alone.

If Creationists want to teach Creation Science or Intelligent Design, they could easily hold courses for those subjects in their own churches. After all, there would be no way to stop them or force them to teach evolution alongside it. But, simply put: they know that kids get enough classroom work Monday to Friday and most won’t feel compelled to attend yet another classroom over the weekend. In school, kids are basiclly held hostage by the State and cannot refuse to attend a class, as they could with Sunday school. Creationists want a captive audience of young minds that they can indoctrinate into their belief system. Public school, by contrast, can only teach what has been validated by science and has no power to judge the merits of any religion or belief system.

Make no mistake, if Creationists had their way, Creationism would be taught in the public schools, without any mention of evolution.

It comes as no surprise that YouTube would become something of a battlefield between those who believe in Creationism and those who believe in science. It’s a public forum and you can make whatever videos you want, within guidelines, post them and have others post videos and text responses.

Outside of the political forums that such debates also occur in, each side has been free to make comments about the other which you wouldn’t hear at legislative hearings.

Creationists refer to the “evolutionists” as damned sinners who will spend eternity burning in the pits of hell, while the pro-evolution side has often referred to the Creationists as superstitious clods with no real knowledge of science. A lot of name-calling and accusations went on in this little ideological war for some time and it was entertaining to watch.

But, then the Creationists upped the ante by engaging in filing false DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) claims against some of the pro-evolution videos and their account-holders. Essentially claiming that the evolution videos had infringed upon the copyright of either the Creationists’ YouTube videos or of pro-Creationist videos done by parties outside YouTube, such as those by Kent Hovind (despite Mr Hovind openly stating that all of his videos were copyright free) and some evolution videos were taken down and some accounts temporarily suspended.

However, I have never heard of any person who supported teaching evolution engaging in similar activity. It seems that only those who believe in G-d did that sort of thing, which makes you wonder that, if their G-d is so good and so pure, why they would engage in such pathologically dishonest behavior?

It all came to a head when one Creationist, known as VenomFangX, filed false DMCA claims against a pro-science account held by the user Thunderf00t. A few of Thunderf00t’s videos were taken down by the false DMCA claims filed by VenomFangX and it was then Thunderf00t’s task in challenging the DMCA claims by proving that he had not, in fact, violated any copyright. If he could not have proven his case, his videos would have remained deleted and his YouTube account could have been deleted upon subsequent DMCA filings.

VenomFangX may have thought that filing false DMCA claims was the perfect way to shut-up the other side, even if it was just temporary. If all went well for him, it could have become permanent. Filing such false claims was, he thought, a risk-free way to silence his opponents in the Creationism versus Evolution debate and that they would always have to worry about which of their other videos would suddenly be struck-down without warning. Keeping the other side on-edge with no possibility that anything could be done to stop or punish him for wrongdoing.

However, filing a false DMCA claim is illegal, punishable as perjury in the courts of law in this country, with hefty fines and/or jail time upon conviction. Unlike others similarly victimized, Thunderf00t not only contested the DMCA claims, he also threatened to bring legal action against VenomFangX for blatanly violating the law.

After some blustering on his part, VenomFangX was forced to admit publiclly that he had, in fact, filed false DMCA claims against Thunderf00t’s videos and that he had made other untrue statements and accusations against him. That public statement is posted below.

While this apology was posted on October 7th, it does seem that VenomFangX has not suffered any repurcussions for his admitedly illegal and immoral behavior. Thunderf00t could have sued VenomFangX and/or sent him to federal prison, but settled for simply making him apologize. This decision by Thunderf00t certainly did have its detractors, since other YouTube users openly voiced their opinion that VenomFangX should have, at least, had his account deleted. But, it was Thunderf00t’s call and I agree with him.

Nevertheless, when this whole thing was going-on, VenomFangX had people standing by him and urging him on, telling him not to apologize. Even after he did issue the public apology, Creationists still stood by him and there were few who spoke-out and condemned him for breaking the law and deceiving people, including Christians.

As some one who was once a Bible-believing Christian, I have to admit that there is an gangrenous rot in the “Body of Christ”, where Christians will rant and wail about the real and perceived immoralities of people they disagree with (e.g. homosexuals, Muslims, people who believe in evolution, etc) constantly yelping like wild dogs at the raw meat they’ve been thrown.

But, they will either ignore or instantly forgive the immoralities of people they do like. Christian singer Michael English was caught in an adulterous affair with a married woman, Marabeth Jordan of the Gospel group First Call, while they were out on a cross-country Christian music tour. I understand that Jordan’s marriage ended in divorce and that she conceived English’s child, although I am not certain.  English’s marriage also ended in divorce, but he got remarried a few years later and is back out on tour singing about G-d’s forgiveness and healing. Jordan has been doing some background vocals for other musicians.

Funny, after playing hide the salami with each other that they didn’t get married to each other. I guess we can just go and blame it all on Satan, right? By the way, weren’t their respective spouses good enough Christians to forgive them? I guess there are limits to the supposedly limitless Christian forgiveness.

Let’s also remember Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart, who each got caught cheating on their wives, although those Other Women weren’t married. They repented, got forgiven and each made something of a comeback, though neither is as big in the Christian world as they had been pre-scandal. Let’s not forget vehemently anti-gay preacher Ted Haggard who got caught in a homosexual sex scandal, along with a nice little drug scandal alongside it.

But, each of these three men can stand-up in front of a Christian audience to tumultuous applause. One exception is Kent Hovind, who is currently incarcerated for tax evasion, though you’ll still find people using his videos to further the cause of teaching Creationism in public schools.

The point of all this is that Christians in general – and Evangelical Protestants in particular – seem to be all caught-up in pointing-out what’s wrong other people, but that they’d rather that we instantly forgive them when they do bad things too or that we simply pretend that they never do anything bad at all.

The case of VenomFangX is nothing new in the Christian world. Some of them get caught doing exactly what they condemn others for doing, they get forgiven by other Christians and then they act like the whole thing never happened. They might even use it as a springboard back into the good graces of other Evangelicals.

I have never seen any belief system or religion where its followers were better people than everyone else. There is no religion where its followers never do bad things. Religious people are just as likely as non-religious to lie, cheat, steal, commit murder or engage in any other kind of anti-social behavior. But, non-religious people don’t try to blame it all on Satan and expect the rest of us to forget all about it.

If the religious crowd would live up to the same beliefs they try to foist on the rest of us, I might take them more seriously.

As it stands now, they have a tough row to hoe if they want me to give them my attention.



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