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Mark Dice is A Total Jerk

30 December 2008
Founder of The Resistance

Founder of The Resistance

This is Mark Dice. He believes that 9-11 was an inside job – meaning that the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 11 September 2001 were orchestrated by the Bush Administration – and he founded an organization, called “The Resistance“, to spread the word about the New World Order.

By itself, I have no problem with that. You can believe anything you want. If you want to believe that the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot exist or if you think your neighbor’s dog is a space alien, etc, I really don’t care, as long as you’re not hurting or bothering anyone with it. It’s a free country, so you can believe anything you want.

Mark Dice is a bit different from previous New World Order conspiracists. For one thing, he’s young, physically-fit, speaks well and is a good-looking guy. Let’s face it, the vast majority of the NWO crowd are a bunch of fat, balding old farts who look like they were born sometime around the First World War or sooner. But, Mark actually has the look that would appeal to the media.

But, that’s not my problem with him. My problem is that he is such an irritating turd about this New World Order crap and I personally think that he isn’t doing it to “spread the word”, but instead to cash-in on the lucrative industry where low-IQ morons will shell-out money for books on the subject. Here are a few examples:

As you will see on his YouTube channel, Mark likes to use his bullhorn to spread the word, which isn’t a bad thing by itself. But, he has used his bullhorn inside places like a university classrom, a Wal-Mart and a Barnes & Noble bookstore. He drove past a campground at night, bullhorning the campers. Mark thinks it’s funny when he does that. I wonder if he’d think it were funny if someone bullhorned the church he goes to when people are trying to pray. I’m not even sure he goes to church, in fact, that’s just a guess on my part. But, honestly, I don’t think he would find it as funny if he got bullhorned at a time when he might be hoping for a moment of quiet introspection. I wonder how he might like it if he got bullhorned when he was out with his friends or family or having a quiet dinner with his girl. He likes to irritate people at a time of his own choosing, but I doubt if he would find it so funny if the same thing happened to him at a time of some one else’s choosing.

I am not saying that anyone should do this. I’m just giving a “what if this happened to him” example. So, don’t get your panties in a twist over it.

While Mark Dice has condemned Scientology as a cult, he’s never bullhorned one of their offices. While Anonymous pickets Scientology centers every month, with occasional flash raids, Mark hasn’t done anything close to that. In case you’re wondering why not, here’s what I think is the answer: Mark Dice is a big coward. He knows that if he bullhorns the Church of Scientology, he will get himself arrested, fair gamed and sued. Scientology has huge money for lawyers and private investigators and they can have people picketing his home every day. They’ve done it to others and they would do it to him. Rather than take on a group that will actually fight back and pwn him like a narc at a biker rally, he settles for simply making statements to the press. Yeah, you’re a big tough guy, Mark Dice.

Mark is also a frakking hypocrite. He condemned Jessica Simpson for her sexy – and outrageously stupid – video “These Boots Are Made For Walking” because it’s too sexy and he demanded that she apologize to the Christian community, since she is the daughter of a minister. But, Mark will put up a video on his YouTube channel featuring girls in bikinis at the beach. I can figure that he knew that young boys will watch the video to see girls in bikinis, but I don’t think he realised that you can simply Mute the video and watch the girls without having to listen to them, which is what most men would do anyway. But, since there are so many bikini videos on YouTube, why go through all the hassle? I’d rather watch girls in bikinis playing volleyball or mudwrestling, but that’s just me. So, sexy videos are only a good thing if you’re spreading the word about the New World Order, right Mark?

Oh, and let’s mention that, besides the “Resistance Manifesto”, Mark Dice also wrote a book about how to meet women. He wrote the book from a secular perspective, not as a book for Christian men on how to meet Christian women. While he encourages religious compatibility, he didn’t write it as a guideline for Christians. But, there are already books like that out there somewhere. It seems that Mark is a late-comer to the idea of writing books for an exclusively Christian audience.

Mark’s also big on self-agrandizement. He posted a video on his YouTube channel that shows him working-out. I’m wondering if Jesus would have posted a video of him lifting weights, or whatever they did to excercise in first century Palestine.

He also doesn’t seem to object to vandalism. Dice objects to the Georgia Guidestones being on public property. Actually, there is some debate as to whether the monument is on public or private land. On 14 December 2008, news reports circulated that the Guidestones had been vandalized with some one spraypainting such “Rockefeller Sucs”, “Obama iz a Muzlim”, “Counsel on Foreign Relations is ran by thedevil”, etc. I tries to reproduce the spelling as it appears, but I’m no good at misspelling words on purpose. Accidentally, yes. On purpose, no. Mark described the vandalism as “a makeover”, while not condemning the illegal action in any way.

Conspiracists have applauded the vandalism as a blow against the New World Order.  Yeah, spraypainting a stone monument will really make the bankers think twice. Yeah, sure. Frakking idiots.

Dice also has taken-up assorted causes with no discernible value to them:

Condemning the new Starbucks logo as being too explicit. Apparently cartoon boobies are too much for impressionable young minds or anyone’s mind, for that matter. Why do I have this picture of Mark Dice breaking-out into a cold sweat as he lustfully gazes at the cartoon mermaid? Poor guy probably doesn’t get enough at home and he doesn’t want to be reminded of it when he gets a cup of coffee.

He’s demanding rapper 50 Cent stop wearing crosses because Dice doesn’t think 50 Cent is a Christian. I’d like to see Mark go up to 50 Cent and tell him, to his face, that he is a devil worshipper and that he should take off his cross. Press releases are for wimps, Mark. Go to his house and take your bullhorn with you. Do it or be a wimp forever!

He also demanded that Duke University change the name of their sports team, the “Blue Devils” because the name somehow glorifies the devil. Which would only be true if they had a winning season. You’d think there would be teams named after Jesus if they thought it might help their chances. But, I guess naming your team after Satan is the way to go. Even Liberty University names their team the Flames, which would remind you of hellfire, without thinking too hard.

Mark Dice can certainly keep his name in the news. He’s been on TV for interviews and he’s been a frequent caller to the Alan Colmes and Michael Reagan radio shows. He always wants to talk about the Bohemian Grove and the simulated human sacrifice that supposedly takes place there. The key word is “simulated”, as in not really happening. But, Dice thinks it’s a big deal.

Mark seems to feel that he is the spokesman for the entire Christian community in America. But, I think it’s actually much more basic than that. I think Mark is in it for the money and the fame.

Take everything I’ve said so far and consider this: Mark Dice has a much more appealing look than all the other Prophets of Doom out there. He’s better-looking and speaks well, he avoids directly confronting people who could actually hurt him physically (50 Cent) or financially (Scientology) and he’s managed to get enough exposure on national TV, newspapers and radio, which certainly isn’t bad for book sales. And the booksales are what I think it’s all about.

There are loads of New World Order books and websites out there, so putting out another book would only involved reading everyone else’s book, taking some stuff to put into your own, publishing it and getting the word out that it’s there. What better way to get book sale up than to constantly keep yourself in the news, one way or another? Certainly, the New World Order-types will buy it and so will others, if only out of curiosity. The books are available on his website, as well as from Amazon, for about $20.

If he manages to get himself seen as some sort of national spokeman for the anti-NWO movement, it will be his Resistance Manifesto that get the most sales and his book about how to pickup girls will get some added exposure, especially for those guys who live alone, wearing tinfoil hats and can’t figure-out why women avoid them like the Plague.

Mark is just the latest in a long line of people who tried to set themselves up as some sort of spokesman for the anti-NWO movement. One of the best known was James “Bo” Gritz, a former US Army Special Forces (NWO-types love war heroes, which Gritz was, but not as much as he claimed) officer who tied himself a bit too closely to the Nazis, Ku Klux Klan and other whackos, only to end-up trying to commit suicide after his then-wife, Claudia, finally decided that she’d had enough of that crap and divorced him. After all that training in how to kill other people, Gritz failed to even kill himself. I think Gritz is still out there somewhere, with his new wife, and still working in the movement. But, people who’ve tried to off themselves don’t make good spokesmen.

So, now we have Mark Dice. In my opinion, Mark will milk this cow for all it’s worth and, if the money stops being good, he’ll move on to something more lucrative. He got off to a slow start, by using the pseudonym “John Conner”, after the fictional “John Connor”, the leader of the human resistance to Skynet in the Terminator movies and TV series. Way to be original, Mark. If you want to lead a movement like this, there are two ways to go:

  1. use a false name and keep it up. Keep your personal life obscure and try to hide your real appearance as much as possible. Keep your real location vague and never let anyone know where you’re really from or what you are doing. Have other people claim to be you doing things like the bullhorning and other stuff. This creates the air of mystery and rumors of your doings will circulate around the press and the Internet, so you’ll become something of a mystery man folk hero. This is a good way to go, unless you’re looking to make a lot of money doing this, in which case it will totally suck being you. This tactic has worked for Anonymous with great success, since they aren’t doing Project Chanology for the money. But, since I think Mark Dice is in it for the money, that leaves..
  2. use your real name from the beginning. All the other would-be leaders of the movement have done this.

As we live in uncertain times, there will be people looking for some Secret Society on which to blame all their problems. There have been people like that for centuries. One of the most successful – for a few years, anyway – groups to do that were the Nazis, who blamed everything on the Jews and we see how that turned-out. They started a war they couldn’t finish and ended-up getting gang-pwned by the rest of the frakking world.

As long as people are out looking for conspiracies in every dark corner, there will be people like Mark Dice. He’s not the most original of the would-be leaders of the movement, but he is the smartest one I’ve seen in a long time.

So, he’ll be out there picking fights with people who won’t hit him back, staying away from people who will really hurt him and making money off the gullible fools who will follow him and buy his books.

Best of luck to you, Mark Dice, you big phony.



The Day I Lost Some Respect for Ron Paul

29 December 2008

On September 22, 2008, Congressman Ron Paul endorsed Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin for the 2008 Presidential race. He did this in response to a written statement from Libertarian candidate Bob Barr.

What Barr said in his statement was that he took issue with Dr Paul’s neutral stance and not endorsing any particular candidate. I can understand that and he may have felt betrayed by Dr Paul in that Ron Paul is himself a member of the Libertarian Party and was once their Presidential candidate. That I can understand. But, I think Barr might have taken Paul’s endorsement for granted, citing his party affiliation and history. But, I took immediate issue with  Dr Paul’s endorsement of Baldwin.

Mr Baldwin seems like a nice enough guy on the surface, but his agenda is as unAmerican as you can get.

  1. Baldwin believes that the South was right in the Civil War. This flies in the face of the historical fact that, within the Confedserate constitution, slavery was a protected institution. In fact, there was an article (Article 1, Section 9, Subsection4) in it which forbade any state from abolishing or limiting black slavery. It reads, “No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law denying or impairing the right of property in negro slaves shall be passed.” The same was never stated in the US Constituion. Prior to the Civil War, one of the largest anti-slavery organizations in the South was the Manumission Society of North Carolina. So, if the people of North Carolina wanted to abolish slavery within the borders, they wouldn’t have been able to. So much for “States Rights”.  It also completely ignores the fact that the Union Army had little trouble recruiting soldiers in the portions of the Confederate States that they occupied and that there were armed resistance groups operating within the Confederacy during the war, but nothing similar existed in Union States. Mr Baldwin believes that the were not neccesarily racist leaders, despite the protections for slavery in the  constitution and its resistance in recruiting blacks to serve in their army. While Americans, historically have backed the underdog in any war, the Truth is that during the American Civil War, the underdog Confederacy was wrong and the Union was right. While there was racism in the North, the Confederacy was built on racist foundations from the beginning.
  2. Baldwin condemns the Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center for pandering to “the market of fear, trying to convince everybody that anyone with a gun, any person who wants to own a gun and anyone who would consider themselves part of a citizen militia is a threat to our government and to our society”. Not quite right. The SPLC takes issue with racist organizations who use violence and the threat of violence to further their agendas. Organizations like the Ku Klux Klan, the Nazis and certain militant black groups are considered dangerous for their rhetoric and the SPLC monitors them. The days of the Ku Klux Klan being able to escape criminal and civil liability for their illegal actions are over, thanks in large part to Morris Dees and the SPLC.
  3. Baldwin wants to overturn Roe vs Wade and outlaw abortion. So, in the name of Freedom, we’re going to take away a woman’s right to control her own body? You can believe that life begins at conception if you want – and as Ron Paul does – but not everyone believes that. Keeping abortion legal is the best way to give everyone the right to choose. If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have one. A very simple and very American concept.
  4. Baldwin claims that Mexico is deliberately trying to undermine American society. Never mind that Mexicans have lived in the United States from the time of the Mexican War – Mexican-Americans are referred to as “Tejanos” (Spanish for “Texans”) –  and that the US is one of Mexicos biggest trading partners. Let’s ignore the fact that the US has blatently intervened in Mexico’s internal affairs in the past, that the US is one of the biggest markets for illegal drugs which fuels the Latin American drug cartels and destabilizes governments in Latin America and that American corporations illegaly hire Mexican immigrants in order to save money on labor costs and increase their own profits. If I were Mexican, I’d think it was the US that was trying to undermine Mexico! Seriously, if life in America wasn’t better than life in Mexico and that there were job opportunities in Mexico, they wouldn’t be trying to sneak into our country in the first place. I wonder if Balwin has ever met and spoken with any of the Mexican immigrants and asked them why they left behind their homes and families to come live in the USA. People immigrate because they have to, seldom because they want to. Mexico’s problems are many and complicated. Allowing their people to emigrate simply serves as a safety valve which allows people to leave the country and go to the US where job opportunities are better and the political environment is less corrupt. If Mexico could or would address their own problems, I feel that less of the citizne would make the dangerous trip to the north and would stay home. But, they either can’t or won’t. Besides, it’s not like American companies are refusing to hire illegal Mexican labor. The price of food would skyrocket if the agribusinesses had to pay American-style wages and how many American would choose to pay those higher prices?

Those are just four of the problems I have with Mr Baldwin and, due to his endorsement of Baldwin, with Dr Ron Paul. I can assume that Dr Paul would endorse a candidate whose opinions most closely match his own and if Dr Paul shares those opinions with Mr Baldwin, I will lose most of the respect I have had for Dr Paul in the past.

Mr Baldwin and Dr Paul are free to believe whatever they wish, as I am. However, when the person he endorses has beliefs which I find offensive, I can no longer support Ron Paul wholeheartedly. Dr Paul could have endorsed Ralph Nader, a man who has stood-up to corporate power and corrupt government, but Nader’s unwillingness to join the anti-Federal Reserve/New World Order bandwagon that Dr Paul is traveling on made him less appealing to the Texas Congressman, I guess.

I will abstain from making a complete break from the Campaign for Liberty until I know Dr Paul’s opinions on these matters for certain.


YouTube Movie Reviewers

28 December 2008

I don’t know how many times I’ve read a movie review in the newspaper or seen one on TV, gone to the movie and hated it, even though the reviewer loved it. Sometimes they got it right. Sometimes not. Of course, I always knew that they did it for a living, with their network or newspaper paying them to review movies.

For the most honest opinions, I’d simply ask my friends how they liked the film and usually go by that. If they liked the film, I’d go see it. If not, I’d usually wait until it came out on video.

With YouTube, I found several people who opened channels where they would review films. I found that their opinions were the most trustworthy, since they weren’t beholden to any corporate body, being just regular people who like going to movies.

To be credible, they must have a thorough background knowledge of actors, producers and directors which gives them added information in reviewing a film. If a director or producer has a good track record, the movie is more likely to be a good one. The same is true if they have a bad or lukewarm track record. An informed review is better than simply having some guy with a cam sitting in front of his computer on a ten-minute rant. The sound quality and production of their videos are uniformly good and I recommend linking to them and checking-out their reviews before you go see your next film.

The most popular, with 20,000+ subscribers is Mr Black’s Movie Reviews. He once had a long list of reviews on YouTube, until some one filed DMCA claims against him. I’m not sure if he contested them or not, but he never used actual clips from the films, just the trailers. Such use would easily fall under the Fair Use section of the DMCA which allows use of clips for the purposes of commentary, such as a movie review.

He branched-out with a second channel in order to comment on social issues, keeping it seperate from his movie channel. I subscribed to that one also, but won’t link it here, as it has nothing to do with movies.

Unfortunately, Mr Black took a long hiatus from YouTube for personal reasons and he had people (including myself) scared to death that something had happened to him. After contacting him direclty, he replied that he was soon to return and begin reviewing movies again.

Mr Black’s “reviewer voice” is straightforward and his diction is good. His reviews and knowledge of movies are the result of long years of watching and collecting movies. He once posted a video displaying his collection of DVDs and the sheer number of them is staggering!

Until he does come back to YouTube on a regular basis, his reviews are missed and I hope for his impending return.

I have to admit that I was once totally reliant upon Mr Black review films for me. If he hadn’t reviewed it, I would stay away from the film unless friends of mine had seen and liked it. That was until another channel opened-up and that channel is Fury of the Film Fan.

With slightly over 2000 subscribers, Fury (as he often calls himself and his fanbase refers to him) has as extensive knowledge of movies as does Mr Black. The number of reviews has grown over past months and I became utterly reliant upon his reviews, as I had with Mr Black.

Fury does take a stand when he has gone to see a film that he feels insults the audience’s intelligence. “Meet the Spartans” was a review he excoriated in his review, much to the outrage of the film’s fanbase. Likewise, he also trashed “Disaster Movie” for its utter stupidity. After the abuse he took for his “Meet the Spartans” review, most people might back-off giving a negative review of a film like that again. Not so with Fury. If he feels that a director or producer has taken the easy route and released a film that is subpar, he will take a stand and state that the movie-going audience deserves better and the fact is that we do.  There are no Sacred Cows on this channel.

Fury has also involved his wife in making videos and he has talked about seeing movies with his wife and son. He bridges the distance between himself and you by letting us know a bit about himself, without giving too much away, which is always a good idea, due to the abusive crazies who haunt the Internet.

Fury is likeable, personable and usually responds to emails that I have sent to him. He does care about his subscribers and that’s always a plus. You will seldom see a movie reviewer that works for a TV network or newspaper that spends any time responding to letters from a reader or viewer. I am surprised at his low number of subscribers and the low view counts on his videos, as he is a top-notch reviewer who I think could actually do this sort of thing professionally and I have told him so.

Still another channel devoted to movies is Chuck the Movie Guy who doesn’t really do that many reviews of movies and most of his videos are actually interviews of actors. His videos look like they were taken right off a television newscast. It’s a good channel if you like seeing stars interviewed, not so good for reviews, though. He is a little shy of 9000 subscribers, which is a respectable number and there is an opening for channels which concentrate on interviewing movie stars. I give him points for the quality of his videos and his ability to nail-down famous people for interviews.

Probably the most original review channel is Spill.Com which is actually done as a cartoon! They have over 11,500 subscribers.

The reviewers provide the voices for their respective cartoon representations and it sounds like a group of friends who get together to review films. A good channel and I almost always agree with their assesments. However, I do prefer to have a single voice for my reviewer and having several people all reviewing a movie took a bit of getting used-to. But, it is an entertaining channel.

Another channel with a similar format is Blunty3000 which has four guys sitting at a table talking about movies. With 51,485 subscribers, they have even more subscribers than Mr Black, but the channel isn’t exclusively for movie reviews. They also talk about video games, do interviews and talk about the latest tech toys out on the market. Not a strictly movie review channel, but a good all-around spot to catch-up on news about interesting things.

Another channel is The Don and Murph show which stars two guys and they do seem to have a story that they act-out in the review, but I just can’t get past how irritating their voices are. They have almost 7700 subscribers, but I can’t count myself among them.

They used to do quite a number of movie reviews, but lately have been posting videos not related to films. It’s not a horrible channel, but it isn’t one I plan to subscribe to anytime soon.

So, my three favorite movie review channels on YouTube are:

  1. Fury of the Film Fan
  2. Spill.Com
  3. Mr Black’s Movie Reviews

There is no order of preference here, as they are all good reviewers. On a personal level, I like Fury the best.

Just my opinions.


The New World Order is Taking Over!

28 December 2008

No, not taking over the world, you idiot. It’s taking over the Internet.

I’m frakking serious, too!

Going on to YouTube, you’ll find all kinds of retarded crap telling you about some secret conspiracy that’s going to enslave us all and we’ll be forced to breed with aliens, have their babies and become Wiccans or some other dumb thing.

Now, the New World Order is supposed to be a secret conspiracy, right?

Okay, if it’s such a secret, how come so many people are talking about it, hmm? If it’s a secret, well, they’re not doing such a great job at keeping their little secret, are they? If they can’t keep it a secret and so many people know about it, it isn’t much of a conspiracy, is it?

Now, there are, what appears to be, dozens of people posting videos talking about the New World Order. I’ve watched “Zeitgeist” and numerous videos posted by 9/11 Truthers and I am still not convinced of their positions. This is on top of all the other video tapes, books, recorded lectures on tape/CD/DV/whatever and probably hundred of websites that “expose” the New World Order!

For something to be a conspiracy, it would be better if very few people knew about it. But, the New World Order seems to have more videos posted about it than any other topic on YouTube and you can’t be on the Internet for more than a couple of days without running into a New World Order website.

Now, that’s one hell of a conspiracy, with everyone knowing about the frakking thing! It’s probably the worst kept “secret” in the history of the human frakking race!

Let me be brutally honest here: the New World Order is big business. By that, I’m not talking about the Bildebergers, Rothchilds, etc.

I’m talking about all those people who make and sell the books, videos, tapes, CDs, etc. I’m talking about all those people who travel around the country getting paid big money to lecture audiences.

The basic reality is that there are some people who would rather believe that there is some conspiracy out there that is responsible for all the evil in the world rather than accepting that the world is run by humans and that human are more interested in getting what they want for themselves, rather than considering what other people want and how other people feel.

Take for example the laws we have in the USA to protect the environment. The oil, coal and timber corporations fought those laws tooth and nail. Not because the laws were wrong, but because adhering to those laws would cut into their profit margins. Never mind what the scientific studies said about how those industries were impacting the environment, they would lose money and that’s all they cared about.

When the Surgeon General report came out about the dangers of smoking, the tobacco industry launched their own campaign to discredit it. It didn’t matter to them that people were getting cancer and other respiratory diseases from smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Fewer people smoking or chewing tobacco means less money for the tobacco companies and tht’s all they cared about.

In the world we live in, there are multi-billion dollar corporations, all trying to make the most amount of money for the least amout of effort and expense. Governments, large and small, pursue their own agendas, often at the expense of their people and the people of other countries. The British Empire and the British East India Company exploited the hell out of India and China, which resulted in civil unrest and grinding poverty in those countries which continues to this day. Do you think that they stopped to worry about how their policies and activities would shape the course of the world’s future? of course not! They were worried about the Here & Now and the future be damned.

The New World Order-types want us all to believe that everything in the world is controlled by a small group of individuals and corporations, when, in fact, we are awash in dozens, perhaps hundreds, of competing groups all vying to political and economic dominance.

Like fish in the ocean, there are millions of fish swimming around, but you also have big sharks out there too. A shark may come after you, but that shark also has to worry about another shark or group of sharks getting him. You also have the smaller, but still deadly predators, like baracuddas which are competing against each other while trying to avoid being eaten by the larger fish.

That’s really how the world works.

But the New World Order’s True Believers want us to all believe in this single entity that is out to dominate the world and all the people. It’s responsible for all the wars and economic problems. Almost godlike in its power, you’re left to wonder how it could possibly be stopped.

And there is the root of the problem here: you can tell evryone you know about the New World Order. You can get a few of them to believe that what you are seeing is true. But, then you may run into a question you could have a hard time answering: how can the New World Order be stopped?

There it is, the magic question. I feel that this is a question that could never be answered in any way that is meaningful.

To hear the True Believers tell it, the New World Order has been around for centuries. The Knights Templar, the Illuminati, the Rothchilds, Bildebergers, etc. They’ve started wars, made nations rise and fall, caused the Great Depression, assasinated Presidents and all kinds of evil things, right?

These people have trillions of dollars and armies at their disposal. They can cause the economic collapse of the United States, if they want.

So, what is John Q. Citizen going to do about it?

It doesn’t seem like there would be a lot that you could do, really. Yeah, you can tell everyone you know, shout it from the rooftops, wear tinfoil hats and stock your log cabin with guns. But, that really wouldn’t do much to stop the Rothchilds from taking over, would it?

Supposedly, they have all the money they need to control the United States government and buy-off every elected official. So, they could get whatever they want in that direction. They control the United Nations – which they are also blamed for originating, in the first place – so that’s out.

They control the food supply and the energy industry and they control the money supply.

So, what’s left? We all go out and live in the wilderness, hunt and fish and live like the Native Americans?

Seriously, what are we supposed to do to stop the New World Order?

Judging by all the power the True Believers claim the New World Order has, it would seem impossible and they don’t seem to be too worried about all those people going out and warning everybody about their diabolical plots.

So, either the New World Order is so powerful that they cannot be stopped and they know they can’t be stopped, so they don’t try to stp anyone from going out and warning everyone about them since they cannot be stopped; or there is no secret, unified World Conspiracy to worry about and the world simply runs as I said before: a large ocean with fish of various sizes, all compteting with each other and occasionally devouring each other and they all fight to survive and dominate.

I’m not saying that the True Believers should stop talking. Afer all, they have the Freedom of Speech and the Freedom of the Press (you’d think the New World Order would have done something about that by now, being in the World Domination business for millenia and everything) and sometimes it can be very entertaining. Heck, I actually liked watching Zeitgeist and I may watch it again, just for entertainment purposes.

Still, all this talk of a World Conspiracy is pretty lame, especially if any of your audience is astute enough to ask how it/they could be stopped.

But, as I said, keep going guys and gals. After all, somebody’s livelihood is depending on selling all those books, tapes, CDs, DVDs and going out on the paid lecture circuit.

Otherwise, they might have to go out there and get a real job.


Creation Science and Christian Hypocrisy

28 December 2008

Let me start-off by stating that you can believe whatever you want.

I don’t care if you believe that G-d made the universe in six days or if aliens deposited the building blocks of life on Earth during the days of the Primordial Soup or whatever your religion or drug-induced delusion allows you to think. Be my guess. I don’t care.

Really, I don’t.

But, I’ve got a serious frakking problem when religious nutcases decide that their religious beliefs should be taught in our public school system as “Creation Science”, also known as “Intelligent Design”.

Despite what a lot of its detractors say, there is a difference between Creation Science and Intelligent Design.

Creation Science bluntly states that the Judeo-Christian G-d created the heavens and the Earth in six days, as related in the Book of Genesis. Intelligent design states that some “intelligent creator” did that, without actually naming the creator. A small difference, but it’s there.

One is unabashedly religious, while the other tries to hide its religiosity by not mentioning that Creator. Of course, anyone can figure-out Who that Creator or Higher Intelligence is supposed to be. Nobody is that stupid.

Teaching evolution in the public school system relies entirely upon the most recent scientific findings, without venturing into philosophical or religious interpretations, if any. Teaching evolution makes the most scientific sense since it is pure science. You can’t teach Creationism without venturing into religious statements of belief, since it relies purely on religious texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago by unknown authors.

And don’t give me any of that dreck about G-d writing it. He didn’t sign his name to the damned things, so forget about trying to convince me of it. Like I said: believe what you want. Just leave me alone.

If Creationists want to teach Creation Science or Intelligent Design, they could easily hold courses for those subjects in their own churches. After all, there would be no way to stop them or force them to teach evolution alongside it. But, simply put: they know that kids get enough classroom work Monday to Friday and most won’t feel compelled to attend yet another classroom over the weekend. In school, kids are basiclly held hostage by the State and cannot refuse to attend a class, as they could with Sunday school. Creationists want a captive audience of young minds that they can indoctrinate into their belief system. Public school, by contrast, can only teach what has been validated by science and has no power to judge the merits of any religion or belief system.

Make no mistake, if Creationists had their way, Creationism would be taught in the public schools, without any mention of evolution.

It comes as no surprise that YouTube would become something of a battlefield between those who believe in Creationism and those who believe in science. It’s a public forum and you can make whatever videos you want, within guidelines, post them and have others post videos and text responses.

Outside of the political forums that such debates also occur in, each side has been free to make comments about the other which you wouldn’t hear at legislative hearings.

Creationists refer to the “evolutionists” as damned sinners who will spend eternity burning in the pits of hell, while the pro-evolution side has often referred to the Creationists as superstitious clods with no real knowledge of science. A lot of name-calling and accusations went on in this little ideological war for some time and it was entertaining to watch.

But, then the Creationists upped the ante by engaging in filing false DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) claims against some of the pro-evolution videos and their account-holders. Essentially claiming that the evolution videos had infringed upon the copyright of either the Creationists’ YouTube videos or of pro-Creationist videos done by parties outside YouTube, such as those by Kent Hovind (despite Mr Hovind openly stating that all of his videos were copyright free) and some evolution videos were taken down and some accounts temporarily suspended.

However, I have never heard of any person who supported teaching evolution engaging in similar activity. It seems that only those who believe in G-d did that sort of thing, which makes you wonder that, if their G-d is so good and so pure, why they would engage in such pathologically dishonest behavior?

It all came to a head when one Creationist, known as VenomFangX, filed false DMCA claims against a pro-science account held by the user Thunderf00t. A few of Thunderf00t’s videos were taken down by the false DMCA claims filed by VenomFangX and it was then Thunderf00t’s task in challenging the DMCA claims by proving that he had not, in fact, violated any copyright. If he could not have proven his case, his videos would have remained deleted and his YouTube account could have been deleted upon subsequent DMCA filings.

VenomFangX may have thought that filing false DMCA claims was the perfect way to shut-up the other side, even if it was just temporary. If all went well for him, it could have become permanent. Filing such false claims was, he thought, a risk-free way to silence his opponents in the Creationism versus Evolution debate and that they would always have to worry about which of their other videos would suddenly be struck-down without warning. Keeping the other side on-edge with no possibility that anything could be done to stop or punish him for wrongdoing.

However, filing a false DMCA claim is illegal, punishable as perjury in the courts of law in this country, with hefty fines and/or jail time upon conviction. Unlike others similarly victimized, Thunderf00t not only contested the DMCA claims, he also threatened to bring legal action against VenomFangX for blatanly violating the law.

After some blustering on his part, VenomFangX was forced to admit publiclly that he had, in fact, filed false DMCA claims against Thunderf00t’s videos and that he had made other untrue statements and accusations against him. That public statement is posted below.

While this apology was posted on October 7th, it does seem that VenomFangX has not suffered any repurcussions for his admitedly illegal and immoral behavior. Thunderf00t could have sued VenomFangX and/or sent him to federal prison, but settled for simply making him apologize. This decision by Thunderf00t certainly did have its detractors, since other YouTube users openly voiced their opinion that VenomFangX should have, at least, had his account deleted. But, it was Thunderf00t’s call and I agree with him.

Nevertheless, when this whole thing was going-on, VenomFangX had people standing by him and urging him on, telling him not to apologize. Even after he did issue the public apology, Creationists still stood by him and there were few who spoke-out and condemned him for breaking the law and deceiving people, including Christians.

As some one who was once a Bible-believing Christian, I have to admit that there is an gangrenous rot in the “Body of Christ”, where Christians will rant and wail about the real and perceived immoralities of people they disagree with (e.g. homosexuals, Muslims, people who believe in evolution, etc) constantly yelping like wild dogs at the raw meat they’ve been thrown.

But, they will either ignore or instantly forgive the immoralities of people they do like. Christian singer Michael English was caught in an adulterous affair with a married woman, Marabeth Jordan of the Gospel group First Call, while they were out on a cross-country Christian music tour. I understand that Jordan’s marriage ended in divorce and that she conceived English’s child, although I am not certain.  English’s marriage also ended in divorce, but he got remarried a few years later and is back out on tour singing about G-d’s forgiveness and healing. Jordan has been doing some background vocals for other musicians.

Funny, after playing hide the salami with each other that they didn’t get married to each other. I guess we can just go and blame it all on Satan, right? By the way, weren’t their respective spouses good enough Christians to forgive them? I guess there are limits to the supposedly limitless Christian forgiveness.

Let’s also remember Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart, who each got caught cheating on their wives, although those Other Women weren’t married. They repented, got forgiven and each made something of a comeback, though neither is as big in the Christian world as they had been pre-scandal. Let’s not forget vehemently anti-gay preacher Ted Haggard who got caught in a homosexual sex scandal, along with a nice little drug scandal alongside it.

But, each of these three men can stand-up in front of a Christian audience to tumultuous applause. One exception is Kent Hovind, who is currently incarcerated for tax evasion, though you’ll still find people using his videos to further the cause of teaching Creationism in public schools.

The point of all this is that Christians in general – and Evangelical Protestants in particular – seem to be all caught-up in pointing-out what’s wrong other people, but that they’d rather that we instantly forgive them when they do bad things too or that we simply pretend that they never do anything bad at all.

The case of VenomFangX is nothing new in the Christian world. Some of them get caught doing exactly what they condemn others for doing, they get forgiven by other Christians and then they act like the whole thing never happened. They might even use it as a springboard back into the good graces of other Evangelicals.

I have never seen any belief system or religion where its followers were better people than everyone else. There is no religion where its followers never do bad things. Religious people are just as likely as non-religious to lie, cheat, steal, commit murder or engage in any other kind of anti-social behavior. But, non-religious people don’t try to blame it all on Satan and expect the rest of us to forget all about it.

If the religious crowd would live up to the same beliefs they try to foist on the rest of us, I might take them more seriously.

As it stands now, they have a tough row to hoe if they want me to give them my attention.


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25 December 2008

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